Saturday, September 15, 2007

finally, I am blogging!!!

Today, I am convinced my favorite season is just about here.
My family and I just left Ocean City, NJ -you see we just had a house there for the last 2 weeks. It has been a dream of both my husbands' and mine that we go to the shore in September. And this year we finally got the chance! It's especially wonderful there this time of year, not many other people are there, so we get the beach mostly to ourselves. It's absolutely gorgeous and not hot!!
We thoroughly enjoyed watching our 3 older sons expressing their individuality on the beach. Caleb, our 8 year old, was almost constantly in the waves on his boogie board or learning how to use his new skimmer board. Colby, our 4 year old, would slowly work his way rolling and playing in the shallowest waves down the beach and far away from our base camp(although never too far that we couldn't see him!!). And Clark, our 2 year old, ran to and fro, from us, to his sand toys to sitting at the waters edge splashing and laughing and talking away(to himself, of course). Every now and then he would drift far away( the opposite direction of Colby, of course!) Baby Christian, spent his time, well, sleeping mostly, either on my lap or in the jogger( he is 3 months old). Keith and I would sit in our beach chairs and just repeatedly marvel at how amazing it was to be at the beach in all it's glory and splendor, and gaze at our children, then smile at each other and say "Look at our boys, they are so great, isn't it so fun to see them all having the time of their lives, so carefree...."
What a joy to have had this privilege as a family!! and, as soon as I learn how I will post some pics of the boys


jul said...

Welcome to the blogoshpere, I'm so honored to write your first comment!

lydia said...

Thanks, I am having so much fun!!! And you definitely contributed to my inspiration to do so!!!