Monday, December 31, 2007

Bringing in the New Year!!!!

Wow, what a year! I can't believe I am alive and well.......
You see this year for me started out horribly......dark and desperate.....and because of God's Awesome Love and Grace I am living in freedom, joy and peace...what a way to end the year, huh.....
Anyway, I am grateful that God never gave up on me or on my marriage and that ultimately he longed to see me happy and alive in Him....he is so faithful!!! I am also grateful for the many faithful saints who prayed for me and for my marriage and all our complicated circumstances of this past know who you I thank you for your committment and willingness to lift us up -! And may God bless you richly in 2008 and may you be more amazed by Him and His Grace this year than ever before!!!!

I see for 2008 a greater dimension and sense of hope- an increase of lives transformed and changed by pure grace a mighty wave of the Power of God coming to pour out his love....The Lord brought to my heart a reminder that we are His Bride, (those in Christ) we are getting ready for the Greatest Wedding of All time, and that in this time of preparation there is great joy and you come closer and closer to any wedding you sense greater joy and excitement, do you not??? so I felt the Lord wanted me to encourage those who are His Bride to anticipate and to enjoy all the preparations for the great Wedding Feast, the consumation of Christ and His Bride....what a glorious day that will be......and we get to take part now in the intricate details and plans for the Wedding Day itself....isn't that so great!!

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