Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm in love....!!!

Everyone who has ever fallen in love, knows that seemingly endless state of bliss, that captivates your every thought, makes your heart beat faster and gives you an extra skip in your step.....oh, to be in love, to be caught up in the clouds is one of the best times in life, one of the all time greatest highs in of the greatest feelings of being in love is knowing that someone is just as enraptured and enamored with you as you are with them.....such a wonderful and amazing experience - sharing your thoughts and bearing your heart and soul to someone who just wants more time and more of you.....being together never gets tiring .......oh, to be in love...what a glorious state to be in!!!
I have fallen in love, again!...Only this time it is with my God, my Heavenly Awesome Father......He is the one that I love, He is the one I heart longs for more and more of Him, I can't get enough time with Him, I can't know enough about's such a high, such an intense longing for more intimate time together.....and knowing he is in love with me, just because....He actually fell in love with me took me some time to notice He noticed me, and longed for my heart....and pursued me, and gave me wonderful gifts, and did not give up on me even when I gave him no notice.....his faithful pursuit of my love and my heart was what drew me in .....his intense love, not giving up on me was what got my attention.......He made me fall in love, how could I not, I mean after all He's the King, the Greatest of all....I am so thrilled and excited to wake up every day and meet with Him, even when I wake up in the middle of the night, I think of Him.......maybe soon I will start dreaming about Him......I feel so excessive almost obsessed even, addicted maybe.......never underestimate the power of Love.....!!! Don't be afraid to let yourself fall madly in love, fall as hard as you want, there is no amount of excess that is out of bounds or off limits when it comes to this kind of love life.........!!!!

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Steve LaBs said...

Lydia, what a wonderful post! I just finished reading Hosea. He was so relentless in his pursuit of his wife, even when she didn't get it, even when she ran from him. He pursued her with unyeilding Love!