Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shall we focus on Sin, or on HIM!!!!(my thoughts on this matter!)

I am so sickened by the fact that for years I heard so much about how sinful I am, and how I need to "root out my sin", mortify it......and never forget how sinful I am, so I can really see how wonderful it is that God sent Jesus to die for me! I am angry that I was caused to focus on me and my shortcomings and how much I need to grow, and how I should never excuse any sin, or attitude or behaviour that isn't perfectly holy or righteous before a Holy God. I am grieved that I missed, for so long the true Heart of God in the Gospel, because I was constantly left standing in front of the cross looking at what my horrible sin did to Christ. Who can ever live in this state of misery, held captive by their depraved state of utter sinfulness??? No one can!!!
Praise be to God that He rescued us from our sinful ways, he looked at us, despite our wickedness, with eyes of Love, he sent JESUS to BECOME sin for us, so we can become the very righteousness of Christ!! That's right, we are the very righteousness of Christ.....not enslaved to sin anymore, because he has set us free from it!!! He did this so we can move FORWARD, so we can enjoy all the riches of Christ, so that we can commune with God and have right standing before HIm. It seems to me if God saved us from sin and forgave us ALL our sin, and HIS WRATH for sin was SATISFIED...that we can stop this sin treasure hunt, quit searching for it to dig it up....God has forgotten our sins, he remembers them NO MORE, as far as the east is from the west.....So why is it that some Christians feel the need to seriously OBSESS over sin!!! Hmmm......are they really accepting God's gift of righteousness? Or are they saying that Christ's finished work on the cross wasn't enough, and that they need to still do something about sin........?!?! What is that all about??? Isn't this a complete offense to the finished work of the Cross of Christ?!?!How can one claim we are a New Creation in Christ and then turn around and say, but we still have to focus on sin and dredge it out....?? NO we are New Creations in Christ, the Bible says the OLD is gone......the old man, the sinful nature.....the NEW has come......So, I AM Righteous, that's how God sees me, and if HE sees me that way, then I am going to lay claim to that...I don't want to stand at the cross forever and mourn over my sin ....Jesus rose again, and we rose with Him.....Now we are declared RIGHTEOUS!!! This is grace, that we can live free from the reign of sin in our life, and now are seated with Christ in the Heavenly places, because Christ ascended into heaven and now sits at the right hand of God.....and we can reign in life, free from our old oppressive sin nature., because we have a risen, ascended Lord,....Doesn't it seem like we have a whole lot more glorious amazing things to talk about!!! .Do we still sin from time to time....yup! But, we are not enslaved to sin, the power of sin for the believer was conquered once and for all at the cross on Jesus.....I am a free woman, that was one of the reasons Christ died, for my freedom. It is for freedom you have been set free, do not let yourself become enslaved again to a yoke of does this explain where those are at, those who focus on sin so much...have they become enslaved again?!!!??!

We have been given unmerited favor, we cannot earn this by "rooting out sin" -we cannot add to this or detract from it - we have been freely JUSTIFIED, God sees us just as if we have never sinned and just as if we have ALWAYS perfectly obeyed!!! How amazing is this?? This is a GIFT -Take it, it's FREE!!!
It seems to me if you are left focusing on your sin and your part in life, how YOU can live a more holy life, you are just back at square one, back to where you started out in the first place, before the Gospel, stuck in the muck and mire of your sin....why would you want to stay focused on this sinfulness when Jesus death was satisfactory to God for all sin was punished at the cross on Jesus, it was a complete sacrifice Forever, not incomplete, a Finished work.........done, once for all time....sin was dealt with......take this truth by FAITH that GOD changed you forever!!!!!


(I had a thought I wanted to add here, even though I express anger for the years of wrong focus on the Gospel, I know that it has been an opportunity for good...God may not have caused the wrong focus, but He allowed it and will ultimately use it for His good and glorious purposes!! God always reigns victorious over every situation, and he can use anything and any situation anger is more at the underlying powers that confuse and entrance Christians to not ultimately know the Gospel, The GOOD NEWS and instead live a lie......)

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