Sunday, December 2, 2007

You are loved.....!

Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday!! It always amazes me every year on my children's birthdays, that they are here, that they are my children, that they are growing, and how much I love them!! Anyway, Caleb was given a card by my parents that said this; " Grandson, You are Loved. Hear it. Believe it. Count on it. And never, ever forget it!" I thought, how excellent is that card, this is how God thinks of me, and all His children for that matter! I want to encourage and remind those who are His children today, and remember this every day! YOU ARE LOVED!! (with an immense love from the One who is LOVE!!) HEAR IT! BELIEVE IT! COUNT ON IT! And, NEVER, EVER FORGET IT!!


Daelon said...


Just what I needed to hear right now. The past few days I've been battling heavy condemnation and feelings of insincerity. It's wonderful to be reminded that God doesn't see me as some obligation. It's a struggle to believe sometimes that He loves me for whatever reason.

I think it's mostly because I get entangled in my sin and want to run away from God. Then I feel the need to re-dedicate myself. But I can't ever become focused again until I calm down, read the Bible and renew my mind with the truth of the gospel. Other times I can simply hear the "voice of grace" being spoken into me and the condemnation melts, and this burst of thanksgiving rises up.

God's love for us is insane.

Steve & Katie LaBs said...

What a "coincidence" that that was preached this morning after you posted this! .. seems like Someone is trying to tell us something :)

lydia joy said...

Cool !....nothing can seperate us from the love of God, it really is true! All our sins past, present and future have been dealt with, as far as the east is from the west He remembers them no more! How Awesome is this!
Extreme Grace - Intense Love, Great Love - He has loved us since the beginning of time, before the foundations of the world - ! Keep reveling in this my friend!!

lydia joy said...

Katie, yeah I am blessed every week that God keeps reiterating all that he is teaching me and putting in my heart......!
God's love is boundless and utterly amazing and we can't hear about it enough!!