Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got the blues....

Boy I sure can relate to the Psalmist, good ole' David these days....I have always been an intensely internal person, a thinker and full of emotions, I am beginning to realize I am quite passionate...but for years my passion was kinda on the down low....and now that I am free to be me, free to have my emotions back (hard to explain what I mean here, but was always given a possible sin reason for my emotions over the years, kinda makes you not want to emote so much if you are just going to be charged of sinning...anyway...) ...I really relate to David, he had an intense passion for the Lord, he's either hot or cold, praising the Lord exuberantly with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength or crying out to God because he was in the midst of a trial or longing for God to speak to him, or longing for more of His presence...but always giving thanks to the Lord, always confident in God's character and power!! 

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