Monday, January 14, 2008

.....It's all Good!!!

I have come to a new understanding and appreciation for the verses "God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love him, according to his good purpose." Romans 8:28 
There have been times when I questioned "why is God allowing me this great pain I am going through, I don't understand, or at times in the past when I had misconceptions about God, I was tempted to think he was punishing me, but that just wasn't true. At times he may discipline me, because he loves me, but I am learning His discipline is so kind..really, I mean that, because I know He loves me, not always easy though....but what about the times when my life seemed like pure hell.....I know God can't be authoring these moments, days, weeks, months, years even....and why would he allow me to live in it soo long....anyway, I have come to take great comfort in the simple fact that though God may not be causing my painful circumstances, he allows them and turns them into His good.....really He does, I get this now and love it! 
Like the story of Joseph, boy did he go through it! But I love in the end when he faced his brothers in Egypt and said to them "What you intended for harm, the Lord intended for good!" 
I love that, his faith and confidence in God, despite the years of agony he went through, God restored the years, gave him power, wealth and influence, isn't that amazing!! 
I have had some rocky times, haven't we all?!  But you know what is so cool, God is going to use those times for a very good purpose one day and it will bless us as well as others and bring glory to God!!! Because He is the author and finisher and perfector of our Faith, He will do it!! 

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