Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Making God's Passion Our Passion....

Alas, I am getting to the message from Sunday...and I must confess, this was difficult to transcribe due to the amount of passion Don had while preaching. Too hard to keep up with a man in the flow of the Spirit! Anyway, I want to get a bit of the message out in public, but this was one of those messages that everything built on each thing he said from the beginning and I just couldn't bring myself to reduce the message to just notes and to transcribe it would have been a bit much. So, I am attempting to see if I can't upload the message somehow and make it available in MP3 format. 
I am willing to mail a copy of it to anyone who would like a copy and I will have my email available on my blog in short order. Please feel free to email me and I will get you a copy of this message. (lydiajgrewell@yahoo.com)
In the meantime here is a tid bit of the introduction;
"What does it mean to be the body of Christ? What does it mean to be a church, a local expression of God's mighty work across the world?
At least in part, it means weeping with those who weep, rejoicing with those who rejoice learning and growing together, we can't feel exactly each other's pain and sometimes we can't even relate - but, we can LOVE.
We must step back and recover God's passion and vision for his church. What is it He is looking for? What is it that He desires? How, first and foremost, does He even view us as His people?
We need to overcome the Crisis of Modern Disillusionment(both the world's and our own) & Recover God's Perspective and Passion. 
The church has not always been a delight, we've all had challenges....that which God desires to see is not always our experience. The church has become so many things, - it has become a grand experiment, try everything and anything, grow it big enough to make a mark or leave an impression, it has become a business enterprise. Our world today is filled more with churches who seem concerned with displaying something humanly grand than encountering God, and displaying the grandness of God.
(We will be surveying the book of Ephesians for vision.)  

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