Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meaningful Worship....

For so many years I have  enjoyed worshipping the Lord amidst the sea of folks gathered on a given Sunday. But today something dawned on me. All these years I have worshipped not fully understanding all the words I was singing, and not  fully understanding who God is and my position before him. At times I would worship just to lift MY spirits, and there were times when I  meant what I sang from my heart and sometimes had a hard time worshipping due to guilt or condemnation making  me feel I was not worthy to lift my voice to the Almighty God.  But today, today was different. For some weeks now I have enjoyed worshipping the Lord because I am falling madly in love with Him, ultimately because he sought me and 
showed me how awesome He is. Today as I worshipped I really lingered over the words 
that were being sung, and that's when I started smirking and grinning all over...
One of the songs we sang was a very familiar song I have sung it in church for years, but to be 
honest, I sang it and only grasped a small part of it. Today, I sang it and was so overwhelmed with joy because I realized the words I was singing were solidified in my heart. They are not just words, they ring true in my spirit! I thought how cool Lord, how cool is this moment that I can worship you even more fully and truly be lost in wonder and amazement as my heart rejoices over these truths that I am coming to greater and greater awareness are the words to one verse and the chorus;
"Your Goodness found us in the darkness rescued us and freed us cleansed us from within, You saved us freely You forgave us, 
counted us as righteous heirs with your own Son, isn't He good isn't he kind, hasn't he blessed us time after time, isn't He good all of our days, with endless mercy and ceaseless praise, O let us sing He is good." 
What clicked for me today was the line, "counted us as righteous", actually it's not past tense, it's current day!!! God sees me as righteous ALL OF THE TIME!!! How totally awesome is that!!!
Another song was "A Debtor to Mercy"; 
A debtor to mercy alone Of covenant mercy I sing I come with your righteousness on My humble offering to bring The judgements of Your holy law  With me can have NOTHING to do  My Saviour's obedience and blood HIDE ALL my transgressions from view. (Just verse one) 
This one line struck me, my Saviour's obedience and blood hide all my trangressions from view. Wow! I was reading somewhere in an article, or maybe it was in a message I heard..well anyway, that God doesn't even see my sin. What?!?! 
That's right, my sin has been dealt with, all of it, it's not in His sight anymore, as far as the east is from the west, He sees me as RIGHTEOUS ONLY!!  This is amazing to me that for so many years I walked around feeling guilty and condemned and so focused on my poor performance when all the while God had accepted the perfect performance of Jesus, the spotless Lamb, and His sacrifice was satisfactory to God - my performance has nothing to do with what God did for me, my performance will never change the fact that I am declared Righteous because of Jesus. This is revolutionary to me because I am so much more amazed at what glorious things He has done on my behalf.....all these years all these worship songs with such deeper meaning than my heart ever grasped!! 


jul said...

Lydia, isn't strange singing some of those old songs in a different context? I'm not sure I'd really enjoy it, might bring back other memories, though I guess there a few songs I still really like and don't associate with negative teachings...just musing here.

lydia joy said...

It's ...hmm....actually it hasn't felt strange, but I sure do pay attention to the words alot more than ever....I wish there were more GRACE filled worship songs to sing....I am seriously considering writing a few, but I know nothing about doing it....there are however, tidbits of truth in most all of the songs, I guess I just want more balance and more songs focused on praising theology or doctrine just pure heart felt worship, but that's just me!!!