Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sinner or Saint?

I was thinking recently...why is it that so many Christians are hung up on calling themselves, "sinners"? 
Our sin was dealt with at the cross.....Christ's death on the cross was satisfactory to God to pay the penalty for ALL sin, ALL sin has been covered by the, now we are Alive in Christ and the New Testament has alot of new names for us with this new status, new nature, new gift of righteousness in Christ. 
One of the "titles" or "names" we are now given is SAINTS ~ I believe it is mentioned over 60 times in the N.T. and yes it is talking about you and I, those of us who are in Christ, that is!!
So, the next time you begin to utter those words.....(with your head hung low of course....) "I'm a sinner" - stop yourself! Instead say -the Bible says I am a Saint! 

What's that saying a man is what he thinks he is.....Christians, we are Saints ( did we do anything to earn this title, NOPE!) nonetheless, it is what we are!!!!


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

I would correct the statement
"ALL sin has been covered by the blood" like this - "ALL sins have been taken away by the blood". It is as though we have never sinned! Isn't that good news?

lydia joy said...

Yes it certainly is....!!!