Monday, January 28, 2008

Too good to keep to myself

Blogging has become to me, far more than I ever thought or dreamed.....I know I know, I said I was bored with it not that long ago, but I have been re-inspired.....there are so many others in the blog world that have such a wealth of wisdom, truth, passion and experience to share and I am so grateful to be able to glean from them as well as form friendships over the world wide web. The message of grace is too good to be silent about,  and too good not to share and too good not to be passionate about and inspired I must share some of the great posts I have been enjoying lately.
Yesterday I read a post on one of Dan Bowen's many blogs, that really met me where I am at currently. I have been wrestling with how I want more of God, I want to experience more of the many wonderful things God has for us, healing  and just His manifest presence among other things. I am not satisfied to just go to church, worship with others and be taught, I want it ALL! Anyway, he wrote a post entitled, Disappointed? Today an angel might come and stir the pool. You absolutely must read it! 
Also I have been enjoying Dan's blog "Life on Wings." on which a pastor friend of his, Peter Day just wrote an excellent post, Overturning the tables of legalism. I highly recommend reading this along with the wealth of comments that came in response to it! 
I have also been enjoying Steve McVey's blog, where he is currently posting in video format 101 lies taught in church every Sunday. Boy, have those been cool to watch and hear! I think what he is doing with this is revolutionary and so helpful as we have been taught so much legalism and haven't even realized it!
And one more for now,  Grace in Flood's blog, Gregg Booyens, has a fabulous blog with his journey into grace and has a few friends joining with him, one that is a pastor in South Africa, that has recently had a huge transformation in his church due to the Grace message, and he posts sermon notes regularly that are too good to miss out on! One of my favorites of late, is by Gregg's friend Roy, Warts n' All. 
Also check out Joel's blog, Matt's blog, Bino's blog, and of course the one who inspired me to start a blog in the first place, Julie's blog. And might I add Julie just did a most outstanding job on her latest post, Should we be cross centered?


Aida said...

Lydia, this is great! Thanks for all of the recommendations. I already bought God's Lavish Grace because you had recommended it highly in one of your previous blogs. I haven't started it yet but I plan to get into it once I finish Growing in Grace by Bob George. That's also a great book.

I like what you shared about your experiences in the wonderful world of blogging. I just recently became involved in this world several months ago when I found Steve McVey's website and that led to some of the other blogs that you mentioned.

I recently jumped totally into blogging. This week-end, at Joel's and Bino's encouragement, I set up my own blog. What fun that was. Joel has been very helpful in letting me know it's not as hard as I thought it would be.

I have been greatly encouraged by what I've read on the various blogs and I hope I'll be able to encourage others as well.

I've haven't had time to comment about everything you've posted but I love what you've been sharing. I'm not sure about blog etiquette so I'll ask first. Is it okay if I add a link to your blog on my blog?


lydia joy said...

Oh Aida that's great, I am so glad you joined the blog world, and yes you certainly may add my blog, I can't wait to check your blog out, how exciting! Thanks for your encouragement as well!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for spreading the wealth. :) "Grace blogs" seem to be few and far between, so I'm always looking for recommendations from others. And even though all these blog are about grace, there is quite a variety represented here. Different angles, different views, different focuses and different discussions, but all centered around God's lavish grace!

lydia joy said...

Joel, you are welcome! Yup, all of grace all of grace and there really is such a huge wealth of richness that surrounds God's lavish grace - we could go on and on and on and never exhaust ourselves by talking about and spreading our passion about our Amazing God who seeks to be known for His GRACE!