Monday, March 3, 2008

overflowing love.......

Lately, Keith and I have noticed an extra measure of love that we have for our children. Often we will just look at our kids and just have waves of love come over us. And Keith, the sensitive man that he is, will just have tears fall down his face, tears of "I just can't believe how much I love these kids." It really is amazing! We have four beautiful, wonderfully unique boys! I am falling more and more in love with them every day it seems. I can't hug, kiss, or squish them enough! And we have noticed how much they seem to be full of love in return. It really is amazing! I truly believe the main reason for this, is that more and more we gain confidence in the Father's heart of love for us, and out of the overflow of our hearts we can love intensely, as He does. I am finding it so special to see how I feel about my children and relate it to how God must feel about me, as I am His precious daughter. As parents we really can comprehend in a deeper way, our Father's love for us! 
I love how my kids great their daddy whenever he comes home, they run to him and fling themselves upon him and yell "Daddy!" and giggle and smile and ooze out their affection and adoration. And Keith eats up, he loves it more and more every time, he never gets tired of it! 
I imagine that's how the Father is when we run to him and desire to wrap our arms around our Daddy, and praise and adore Him! I imagine the Father, looks at us lovingly and adoringly, and smiles with deep affection for all His children! 
It really is wonderful to be able to taste and sense this exchange of love and affection between us and our Heavenly Father! 

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