Sunday, March 30, 2008

Unexpected blessing.......

On my way to church today, already running late, I discovered my gas tank was on empty. The bright orange light was lit and the digital DTE (distance til empty) said a big fat 0. I thought, what a bummer, I'm already late and we still have to hit McD's cause the kids never got breakfast, (ha, this happens once in a while!). We get to McD's and there's a line. Okay, I guess I am going to be later yet still! Anyway, we got our grub and hit the road and I thought, I will just chance it and get gas later. (even though I did that once and ran out on my way home and had to be rescued!!!) As I was driving, I thought about this decision and realized maybe I should just stop and get gas, you know be responsible! So, I happened to look at the gas gauge again, at this point the car had been running at least 10 minutes or more, and it was no longer lit up! Then I looked at the digital DTE, and it said I had 8 miles left! I thought that's weird! I even asked my oldest son, who happens to be very concerned about these kinds of technical things and he said "wow, it's like the car just filled itself up with a little bit of gas!"
I immediately gave God credit for this out of the blue blessing, saving me the headache of stopping and being late, and giving me just enough gas to get to church and back! Isn't he so kind! This reminded me of the widow whose oil and flour jugs never ran out.
I look forward to God's blessings in my life! He's so creative and thoughtful!

Awhile ago I listened to a series Rob Rufus preached on the, "Covenant of Increased Blessing" (here, here, and here), and last Sunday, Bill Johnson's message was quite stirring about increase in provision. These teachings have stirred my thinking and increased my faith and helped me to be more expectant when it comes to my Father giving me good gifts and blessings, just because He's God, He can and He wants to!!!

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