Sunday, April 13, 2008

Basking in His Presence....

On my way to church today, I found myself having a conversation with God that went sort of like this. "I really want you to show up God, cause what is church without you there. I just want to sense your manifest Presence. I know you are always with me, and I know where two or three are gathered there you are amidst them, but can you give me a taste, tangibly, please." That was the gist. I mean what's it all for, the routine of going to church every week. The best way I can think of, to glory in God more and more, is to experience HIM and get to know HIM!
Well, God, as He is so kind and loving and wants to be known for his grace and glory more than anything, did not disappoint this hungry soul!
Worship was fine, the message was good, but what God did was great! He truly showed up in a tangible way. At the end of the message I sensed Him remind me "Enter in, enter into my presence...the veil was torn in two, just so you can come in and enter into my presence, so come on in and enjoy and be with me....." Thankfully, worship was extended after the message, and I really felt the tangible presence of God - I had a shakiness and felt at any time I may fall over - as I worshipped with the congregation, I just basked in His presence, kind of like laying on the beach with the bright sun blazing all around, praying it wouldn't end anytime soon. As worship ended I just felt so peaceful and refreshed. Standing in His Presence is quite wonderful! Thank you Jesus that you made a way, that we can enter in anytime!!!
Anyway, I share this to journal my own experience of God because it is an answer to the pray and cry of my heart. I just want God - to know Him, and be more in awe of Him. And He longs for me (or anyone in Christ for that matter) to praise Him and bring Him the glory due His name! So I praise Him, He is a good, faithful, loving Father, who delights in us and wants us to delight in Him. All for His own Glory, and so He may become more and more glorious to us!!

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