Monday, April 14, 2008

The Power of Testimony....

Many of you who have followed my blog may already know how much I value the sharing of testimonies. I have shared a bit of my own personal testimony and love to hear the testimony of what God is doing, and has done in the lives of others. It is such a blessing and encouragement to see God truly at work in our lives. This past summer when Keith and I were still wading through some of the difficulties we were in, a couple we had recently spent time with, called us out of the blue, and wanted to come visit us in New York. (we were in the process of packing up our house and waiting for settlement.) They felt very strongly that they needed (wanted) to share their testimony, of what God did in their lives and marriage, and that sharing it with us would impart life to us in the midst of our trial. Of course we were more than thrilled that they were coming, as we knew we needed fellowship and to hear about the victory they were living in. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, and we have now become dear friends with this couple. I am so grateful for their willingness to pass on what they had received from God to us, by the sharing of their testimony.
Interestingly, just last week at City Church International, Rob Rufus had just gotten back from a conference held in Sydney, Australia, and had numerous testimonies to share with the folks of his church in Hong Kong. He spent some time teaching on the "power of testimony", which was what we had experienced over the summer with our friends. He said this, "Testimony, means to do it again. When you share your testimony, you are in a sense prophesying. Sharing your testimony carries with it the power to duplicate what you are testifying happened to you."
So when I share how God transformed my marriage the way He did, the power that is in my testimony duplicates itself in your life and can transform your marriage as well. I think for me hearing the testimony of our friends helped me to have faith to believe and ask God for a miracle and know He indeed would grant it! It also helped me to not give up and grow weary and just be passive and accept my current circumstances, instead I held out for hope in what God would do in our lives! And He did not disappoint!! He is still transforming our marriage in many ways, it's truly wonderful! The awesome thing is, it's all for God's glory!!
You just can't refute someone's personal testimony!! 


Dan Bowen said...

This is such an awesome post Lydia - thanks for sharing it! I've just listened to the "Power of Testimony" and are typing it up as fast as I can (honest!!) and I agree - I think we have undervalued the power of testimony and what it can achieve in people's lives.

When I got back from Hong Kong, I told my flatmate Scottie all about what had happened to me, and bearing in mind he is a new-ish Christian with no baggage at all from legalism, he took on board EVERYTHING that I shared that had happened and it just made his faith soar!

So now he too like me is not satisfied with anything but the glory realm! I spoke and shared with him about how I had seen a "Spare Body Parts" room in heaven with a new skin for him! And he believes it!

So let's testify to everything we can. You never know what faith-building it might do for someone reading it.

lydia joy said...

Thanks Dan, your welcome. And thanks for including a bit of a testimony on here. That's cool about the room with spare body parts, I have heard that before somewhere and not from Rob, it must have been Bill Johnson! Anyway, yes I plan to share more and more testimonies on here, it's what I love to do!!!
Looking forward to getting Aaron and Julie's testimony from HK, as well.....!!!!

jul said...

Hi Lydia, from Hong Kong. Are you guys able to get together with us on Friday night or Saturday morning when we arrive back there? Can you check with the Kerwoods and Labs as well (and let Ellie know, she said she might be interested)? You can e-mail me and I'll check at the Rufus' on Thursday (your Thursday morning...) night before we leave. We're having a great time, coming to you from the Peak, the top of a mountain overlooking the city, where we just saw the Mills in passing! More to come soon I hope!

Dan Bowen said...

Aww Julie I remember going up the Peak so well on the Saturday after "Grace and Glory" had finished! I felt so full of God that I could literally take flight and soar over the city! I don't know about you but I never felt such love for a city as I did when I looked over Hong Kong!! So so great to hear from you and so glad you are having an awesome time!!

lydia joy said...

Yay! Yes I will email you, Julie - we are all eagerly planning and waiting to see you and hear the power of your testimony in HK...I will email Ellie as well....say "HI" to the Rufus' for me, I feel like I know them even though I have never met them!!

Dan, hmmm sure would love to hear more of YOUR time in HK sometime, too!!!

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