Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Grace Revolution Has Begun.....

Yesterday, I received the "Grace Vine", a newsletter sent out by Grace Walk Ministries, founded by Steve McVey. The cover article was entitled "The Grace Revolution Has Begun." I found the article very empowering and decided to share a few paragraphs here on my blog.

Last month I wrote about the coming grace revolution and invited you to join in overturning the dead religious legalism that has held so many Christians captive for many years. More and more, I become increasingly persuaded that there's no time to waste. My goal isn't to be an alarmist but, on the other hand, it's time to become alarmed. Sometimes it really does seem like the world around us is disintegrating - economically, politically, socially and even spiritually.

While the rest of the world is languishing for real hope, many Christians have been standing around singing "Kumbaya." That has to change. It is time for those of us who truly believe this message to move past the grace-talk and become grace walkers on mission.

Business-as-usual isn't going to do it. It's time to become militant and act in proactive ways to bring the pure gospel of grace back to the forefront. I've become weary of whining critics who are upset because we won't water down the gospel with a mixed message of human responsibility. They agree with grace for salvation, but practically break out in hives when they hear that Jesus has done it all when it comes to the sanctification part of our Christian experience.

I am asking you to join the mission and help further the revolution of righteousness that comes by grace. Your town needs it. Your church needs it. Your family needs it. You and I need it.

When I read this article I really felt compelled to share it and I really sense the urgency for the pure gospel of grace to go forth undiluted. I remember reading in first Peter 4, verse 7, for the end and culmination of all things has come near, and thinking how that was over 2000 years ago that was much more is the end of things at hand now!!! One day Jesus is gonna come for His pure spotless bride and that day is coming...!! That sure creates a sense of urgency for me...a watchful and be ready and keep getting ready kind of way of life, ya know. Steve also mentioned in his article, that when Jesus knew it was time to be crucified, He "set His face to go to Jerusalem." The Message translates it, "He gathered up his courage and steeled himself for the journey to Jerusalem." That is my heart these days, to set my mind towards being open and ready to love, serve, speak and make God's grace be known as well as be a carrier of His glory into my region, my town or anywhere I go!!!


Don said...

I received the same N/L, and had the same reaction! :-)

Joel B. said...

There are so many people who don't know the pure gospel of grace. I see more and more people coming to get glimpses of it, and to understand it more fully, and that excites me! Indeed, how will they know if we don't tell them? I mean, the rocks and stones can cry out, but we're the ones with the mouths and the message, so why not us? :D

lydia said...

Amen Brothers!!!!!