Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Never seen anything like it!!!!

I am so jazzed and have to say, I have never seen anything like this! Coming from a Reformed Baptist background - very conservative...I have never seen anyone healed or heard of miracles, let alone being broadcast online!!! Anyway, I watched it 2 weeks ago and felt adrenaline go through me that I never felt before and felt like I was supposed to go! Unfortunately, I couldn't get my husband to agree. Of course it's not too late!! Anyway, I was offline for awhile and now am back and every time I watch it, I just get so full of God. Joy, laughing, crying, chills!! This is an exciting time in history, I am so glad to be able to watch it!!! I would be more thrilled to go myself, but I am just so grateful that it is happening in the earth today!!

Here's my plug to go check it out for yourself!!!!


jul said...

Yay!!!!You're back!!!

Nicole said...

Hey Lydia!

Yeah, I heard about this a couple of weeks ago. At first it was hard to believe, it really seemed like it was filtered through the media and seems more like a show they are putting on! It disturbed me to see one of the preacher guys hit people on their heads like they were hit by the spirit, but he really hit them hard! Didn't think that was very cool at all. Although while I was watching it I was praying about it and I felt father telling me that through the show, Father is behind the scenes healing them! I have peace about it and am excited for those who are getting healed!
I think Father can heal people anywhere at anytime whenever he wants!

In Freedom, Nicole!

So, Go GOD!

lydia said...

Thanks Jul!

Hey Nicole,
I am so glad it is publicized, praise God for technology, otherwise how would people hear about it, let alone get to watch it and hopefully have their faith built and grow more hungry for the power of God in their lives.
We may not agree with all that Todd Bentley says or does, like the way he seems to push people down, however God is using this outpouring and God is speaking, healing and reviving weary Christians!!
Yep, GO GOD!

amy said...

we watch it, too~ we so wanna go...wanna go with me one weekend??! i'm serious!

Dan Bowen said...

I really really share your frustration about getting to Florida. I had a strong sense that Pete needs to go to Florida, then he had the sense that we should go together! The obstacles grow - two air fares from London! I SO SO SO desperately want to be there and so envy those who can drive there.

But I'm really comforted by two things - God started this revival and He knows our hunger for Him. Secondly this revival is prophesied to go world-wide!! So it may be that even if we don't get to Florida, then the revival will come sweeping to us!!

Nicole said...

Hey, I was talking to some friends about this and got a really awesome quote I thought I would share! This is where my heart it exactly!


"Revival. Well, I do believe that wherever there is a seeking heart, God is right there. So is God showing up there? Sure he is. Do I have to go there to meet with God? HECK NO! Do I have to go there to get my "special touch" or whatever? No. Can I go there if I want to, swallow the meat and spit out the bones? Yup. I think there are sincere people there and there are people there who have allowed themselves to become deceived. And there are people who are following a personality, and there are people who are not really being healed but are afraid to say so or don't want to say so. Revival is from the inside out, not the outside in. I just read that and I thought it was a good way to say it. These big "revivals" are this outside in kind of thing and that's just backwards. Here's what I read, it was written by Grahame Cooke:

"You are your own revival. You don't need to wait for anything. You need to learn how to live from the inside to the outside. Revival is not about thousands of people getting saved. That's reformation.

Revival happens when you and I start living in the way that God wants us to live. You can't revive something that's never been alive.

So revival is not about unbelievers. Revival is about believers coming back to the place they should never have left. It's about believers coming to live in the place, living the way that God intended them to live. And when that happens, you are your own revival.

Something flows out of you that starts to connect with humanity in a big way and nothing and no one can stop it. Because nothing can stop goodness ... except fear."

End Quote-

Any thoughts???

In Freedom, Nicole!

Katie said...


They just extended it 2 more weeks......!!! If God wants you there, you will find a way!!!!
I am pretty sure it's coming your way.....!!
BUT, wouldn't it be so cool to be a part of this moment in history, the first wave of the biggest revival ever!!! (besides the book of Acts!)

lydia said...

oops that last comment was me Lydia, not Katie.....!!

lydia said...

Interesting quotes!
I like these...
"You need to learn how to live from the inside to the outside."
"Revival happens when you and I start living in the way that God wants us to live."
I too, would call this more of a revolution, than a revival....but that's just me!!!
But in a way, a lot of christians out there have lost their first love and need this and so in that sense it's a revival, I guess. Reviving what was once there but has left long ago.
And for those who need to see the signs to be convinced the Gospel is really real...well, I don't know what to call it, ha.......but it's all around for ALL people, saved and unsaved....we all need to be amazed by the power of God!

amy said...

i am going at some point for sure- it's just a matter of when...i will let you know when i plan to go, and maybe you could go with me...

lydia said...

Amy ~ sounds good!