Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This just in.....

I just received an email from City Church International, Rob Rufus church, that I thought was worth posting so many can be in prayer.

Praying for China as rescue work goes on...

As you might all know by now, a massive 7.9 earthquake hit Sichuan
province in China, with a force equal to 253 atomic bombs, taking out as
much as 80% of all structures in areas like Beichuan.

More than 900 children are trapped in collapsed buildings and parents
are weeping while rescue workers pull out bodies and writing them on a

The scale of destruction are so bad right now, able bodied men under
the age of 50 are being told to go to Beichuan to help in rescue work.

Some Christian groups are heading over to the affected areas to help in
rescue work and give a hand to tend for those who are injured.

In Wenchuan, 80 tons of ammonia are believed to have leaked and the
toxic chemical is feared to have killed many in the surrounding area.

News updates are being updated via phonecalls into China from people on
the ground in Chongqing, Chengdu and nearby areas.

I call for a mass prayer for three days at 12 noon GMT (8pm HK, Beijing
time) to spend a moment to pray for those children trapped in
buildings, and those injured to be touched by the Lord. And to pray for safety
for the rescue workers as aftershock can cause further damage to
already unstable building structures.

Let the spirit be with the Christian help groups over there, and that
God's power manifest in signs and wonders to help those in need. May it
be healing for physical injuries or for the emotional distress from the
loss of loved ones, that those who are in need can be touched by the
spirit in times like this.

Thank you for responding to this email blast, and please forward this
message to those in City Church family that might not get this message.

God bless
Webmaster, CCI.

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