Friday, June 20, 2008 Disagreeing with Piper Over the Man in Romans 7

I found an interesting post today, that I couldn't pass by. As I spent years in a church strongly committed to teaching indwelling sin, I believe to the detriment of the church. I was appreciative of Adrian's perspective and willingness to disagree with some prominent men in the Reformed circles. Check it out! Disagreeing with Piper Over the Man in Romans 7: "DISAGREEING"


Adrian Warnock said...

hey thanks for the link and the encouragement

lydia said...

No problem and you're welcome!!!

Joel B. said...

Hi Lydia,

I always enjoy reading other people's thoughts on this subject and having discussions about it.

I think I've run the gamut when it comes to hearing views on this (!) and I've personally decided that although I have a specific point of view, I can't be dogmatic about it.

Paul uses so many phrases in this chapter (and surrounding chapters) that can be interpreted and looked at in so many different ways, and I think that since many otherwise like-minded grace people come into this with those various views, then we must give one another room in this.

Some of the phrases that I'm talking about include "the law is spiritual," "I am carnal," "in my flesh," "I delight in the law of God according to the inward man," "in my members," "the law of my mind," "the body is dead because of sin," and so on. I would also point out that "sinful nature" in the NIV is a terrible interpretation of the Greek word "sarx" ("flesh"), and that has made a huge difference in my personal opposition to some arguments.

Anyway, we could break down each of those phrases, and depending upon our own preconceived understanding and interpretations of each of the phrases, and whether or not each phrase can apply to Christians or non-Christians, we can come to various conclusions on all of this.

That's what makes me uncomfortable in being dogmatic about any of this and saying someone else is right or wrong.

I think it's absolutely fine for people to teach their views on this, and I continue to appreciate hearing various views, but the more I study it (and actually the more I become solidified in my own view), the more I personally allow for leeway within the community of grace teachers.

I realize I may sound like a spineless moderate in saying all of this, but I swear to you that I'm not! I just have studied this from enough angles to allow for wiggle room. :)

lydia said...

I hear you Joel, I agree we should allow for wiggle room and the Spirit will lead us into all truth as we seek Him......I have a particular view point on this myself, my main concern with this passage is that is taken and whole doctrines are built around an unclear Scripture....this practice can indeed become dangerous...and I hope by posting this post regarding the disagreement of the man in Romans 7 others will see that it indeed is a controversial, non-clear passage and it is okay to disagree on stuff like this and we simply should not build whole doctrines on it and teach it as such......does this make sense!! Thanks for your thoughts, much grace to you!!!