Monday, June 23, 2008

More Impartation......

Last night I attended a worship service at House of God's Light. I wasn't sure if I wanted to share this, but as this is sort of a journal of mine and as I love sharing testimonies in the hope that it will stir up others and in a sense I hope this post may "impart" something to others who read here. So here goes. 
I have already shared a few testimonies of meetings I have experienced with this group, here, here and here. It seems to me there is a momentum going in these meetings, especially since Neil and Janet Lozano have returned from Lakeland Florida. This truly is a group hungering for more of God, and for the Spirit of the Lord to come and touch them and transform lives. Neil prayed for the group and began to walk around and pray individually for people as the Spirit led him to, laying hands on individuals to impart what God had given to him and to Janet in Lakeland. As he walked around the room you could hear people being touched by God in various ways. One thing that was so precious to me, was that many of the children stayed in the meeting and were touched by the Spirit as well. It was awesome! 

For me personally it was a huge time of refreshing . The past two days had been emotionally draining and difficult for me. I knew I desperately needed to be encouraged and God did not disappoint, he knew just what I needed.  A wonderful woman named Ann came over to pray for me (at this point I had already been prayed for once and had spent some time soaking and at this point was just watching everyone else receive.) She said, " I just want to bless you, because you have already been such a blessing to me."  Are you feeling the love?! And so we prayed and I got hit with the most intense hysterical laughter! I just love that we can fall under the power of God and laugh our head off, is God not so fun or what!  It did not wane for some time, and then she put her hand on me again, and said "How about some more," and again I rolled around in hysterics. I think she must have been enjoying it, because she did it again, "Oh how about one more time."  I couldn't stop and my stomach was beginning to hurt! I am telling you this is good stuff, this is God's way of blessing us and touching us tangibly!! Well apparently others wanted to see it continue and I got touched few more times and just couldn't stop the gut wrenching hilarium (if that's even a word.) It truly was precious, I got so filled I was overflowing!! 
What is the point, some may wonder? Well, just this morning I was hugging one of my kids and I just couldn't help but tickle him and make him laugh. Then I was holding my littlest one and I couldn't help but squish him and kiss him. And I think God is like that, He loves us so much and wants to bless us and touch us tangibly. Just like our kids feel special and loved when we touch them, we too are so blessed when we sense the love our Heavenly Father tangibly. I once read a book where my favorite chapter was entitled, "Saturation Love." The whole purpose of the chapter was encouraging parents to make an effort to saturate their kids with physical love, such as hugging, tickling, holding, kissing and just telling them how much they love them. Why?- so that children would be so confident in their parents love for them that it would begin to transform their lives and help them grow confident and secure. When we are touched by God's tangible love for us, we can be so confident in His love for us that it gives us a confidence that hopefully spills out of us and onto others. Knowing God's love will transform you and you will never be the same!! 
Christianity is not just religion, or theology or doctrine and dutiful serving or right living or pursuing holiness. Christianity should be all about a relationship. When we ask Jesus into our hearts we are in essence saying I want to be in relationship with you. Jesus made a way so the curtain could be torn in two, allowing us permanent access to God. We can relate with Him any time freely. It's truly amazing! (before the cross it was not this way, thank you Jesus for what you have purchased for us!)
Another thing I was thinking of that I think helps tie this post together a bit, was something I learned as a young child from the catechism. What is the chief end of man? Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever!! (correct me if I am wrong, but I think that is the gist.) So, in essence we can glorify God by enjoying Him, by enjoying His special touches on our lives!! God wants us to enjoy truly brings him glory!! Amen!

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