Friday, July 11, 2008

Colorful Clouds....

Yes, I love clouds!!! Yesterday, we went on a last minute adventure to a beach in Delaware. On the way all we could see was sky and clouds. I really wished, somehow, I could climb up or fly up and hang out in them for awhile!!! My son Caleb, noticed a cloud with some color in it, kind of an aqua blue. Very pretty! Next thing you know, we saw bluish purple, then pink, then a combo. Then finally we saw a mare's tail cloud with all of the colors of the rainbow. We were thrilled! I had never seen this phenomenon before. God is never-endingly creative! So we tried our best to take pictures of them, while driving, but they didn't turn out. Sadness! However, I searched online to learn more about the colors in the clouds we saw yesterday and found some great shots!

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