Monday, July 21, 2008

Healing Rooms.....

I am pretty excited I must say. I have discovered that there is a Healing Room (from the Healing Rooms Ministry out of Spokane Washington, originally started by John G. Lake.) - right near me!! I was reading the local newspaper, which I never do, and I saw this tiny advertisement for the Healing Room at a local Baptist Church near me. 
Tonight I went and checked it out and I am so grateful for this ministry. I got to sit in on the ministry time with individuals that came for prayer. It was awesome! I could hardly stay in my seat, which I had to since I was just "observing". 
Anyway, it was so great to talk to the folks involved in this ministry, and hear their testimonies and all that God has done and is doing through it. 
I am sharing this partly to spread the word regarding this ministry. And partly, because I was so excited about it I had to share it on here. 


Amy said...

mark's parents started a healing rooms in NJ....they love it and see many touched. it is a wonderful ministry

lydia said...

Awesome Amy, thanks for sharing that!

lydia said...

Yes Angel this is befuddling that a Healing ministry is at a Baptist church. I think you are right most Baptist churches do hold to a cessationist view point, but I do believe there are exceptions and this church is one of them. I grew up baptist and never heard about the Holy Spirit or the gifts for today, not once!!!
The pastor told me his testimony, he began to believe in healing for today because of health issues he and his wife had. It drove them to search for God's power!! Isn't that amazing!! Now this pastor is attempting to break the traditons at his church and bring in the Holy Spirit!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Lydia. Alex has been wanting to visit the Healing Room as we've seen the sign and we are aquainted w/the pastor, his wife and one of their sons. (the boys played Basketball together and will be going to school together this yr.)

lydia said...

What's also interesting is that I wanted to tell Alex about it, and now I don't have to, heehee. I had no idea you read my blog!!!
They are on break for the rest of the summer and start back up in Sept.
Great to hear from you!!!!