Friday, August 29, 2008

Behold the Glory of Jesus in You......

I have been SO blessed by the daily devotionals I receive from Joseph Prince. Every time I read I am bombarded with such grace, that it almost seems to good to be true! That's how it should be when we hear grace preached! That said, I'd like to share this with you!

Behold The Glory Of Jesus In You

2 Corinthians 3:18
18But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.
When you look in a mirror, what do you see? Of course, you see yourself.
Beloved, God does not want you to see yourself in the natural — small, troubled, weak, sick, broke and a loser. God wants you to see yourself the way He sees you — healed, strong, rich, whole and complete, because Christ is in you. (Colossians 1:27)
God wants you to behold as in a mirror the glory of His Son who is in you by His Spirit. As you behold the glory of the Lord who is in you, God’s Word says that you are being transformed from poor to rich, sick to healed, loser to winner — from glory to glory!
The world may say to you, “It can’t be that easy. You can’t be transformed just by beholding the glory of Jesus. No way! You must do something about you. If you don’t put in effort, nothing will happen. If you don’t do anything, nothing will change.”
But the world will never understand that as you are beholding the glory of the Lord who is the successful one in you, you are being transformed from a failure to a success. And this is not accomplished by any effort of yours, or by your working hard to get ahead of others, but by the Spirit of the Lord!
As you behold the glory of the Lord who is the healthy one in your sick body, you are transformed from sickness to health. And this is not accomplished by any effort of yours to keep fit, eat well and stay healthy, but by the Spirit of the Lord!
My friend, what can be easier than beholding the beauty of the Son? So stop focusing on self and self-effort. Look away from these things and begin to behold the glory of Jesus who is in you right now, and you will begin to behold the miracles that you need!

© Copyright Joseph Prince, 2006. All rights reserved.
All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from the New King James Version ®.
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RJW said...

We will be subscribing to that daily devotional!
Truth, Truth. God has been speaking these things to me in my personal life. I will never get a handle on ( just fill in the blank). I don't have to- He already nailed it to the cross. When I turn my face away, He so lovingly turns it back to Him.
One of my favorite songs says, "When we see You; we'll be like You; we want to see more of You."
I have been getting ready to post the song "I Fix My Eyes On You" because Ryan pointed out Sunday during praise and worship that we should drop the "I" and just let the understood "You" become the subject. In other words, God fixes our eyes on Him; He does it, not us! ~"Fix my eyes on You, the Author of my faith..."~

lydia joy said...

Oh man get ready to brace yourself for some "It's to good to be true" moments!
So it sounds like you listened to Ryan's message, huh - what did you think?
It's funny how simple God has made it for us, and somehow we make it complicated - He does it, not us!!

I will never get a handle on fill in the blank. Oh boy isn't is so true, I often am reminded of how I have been taught topically how to live for God, how to have a good marriage, how to parent, how to serve, how to be hospitable, how to, how to. UGH! It really takes away from the "fix my eyes on Jesus" now doesn't it, that approach to living.
Great thoughts, thanks for sharing them with me!!

07000intune said...

"I would love to hear you expound on what you think the Romans 7 pressure cooker is this passage that has tripped up and the entire ministry I just came out of a year ago, and it has been my mission to get a better grip on how to dispel the "doctrine of indwelling sin"".
AND rjw "I will never get a handle on ( just fill in the blank). I don't have to- He already nailed it to the cross. When I turn my face away, He so lovingly turns it back to Him."
Grace and applied grace!!!
"in returning and rest we shall be saved". So there's this grace place we keep returning to, where each time,not only are we forgiven, but supernaturally another line of bricks is built into the Temple God is building in us.
If you hear Ryan's message about Romans you will hear that he applies the same grace process of chapters 3,4 and 5 to 6 and7. Which kind of makes Paul out to be repetitious. As you have found,Lydia Joy, whole movements get split on this. Here's a way of describing it.Imagine The Law as a hard unyielding machining tool, like a lathe, or a measuring device that is never wrong. The first use of the tool forces us to leave the world system, because by it we see how out of alignment we are...and desperate, we find grace which is the complete acceptance of us as we are, warts and all.
During this process of grace we start to learn about Jesus living in us...and we get to do some of His stuff. Then in Romans 6 and 7 the Jesus and Me Package is put into the machine again. This time, we know we are saved. We know our eternal destiny. If anything goes wrong we know we have an Advocate with the Father. How cool is that? So the 2nd run in with the Law...we know that we are not the Lawkeepers..Jesus is....but the machine forces us to realise something is not working in our Jesus and me package when the rubber hits the road. So this next instance is I repeat nothing to do with our salvation...this is to do with getting our life to work.
And somewhere towards the end of Romans 7...Ryan says"sounds like a non-Christian to me" we start to see the truth of our existence on'm not a self-run being...flippin my spirit center I am either choosing false independence (which is the devil's realm...or Christ. More or less the second we see a child being thrust out of a womb we crash into Romans 8. Romans 7 needn't take years. The disciples took 3 years...but really their's was about 3 days...while Jesus was dead. They fell apart. Let's listen in on Peter at this time . He said "I Bl##dy well never knew the bog off" Sounds like a non-Christian to me! And that's the truth. Peter was exactly like a non-Christian at that time...then the mercy of Jesus was spoken over him 3 times. But in this period Peter understood for absolute certainty that the only sure way of living was as Christ living through him. His proud, assertive false independance spirit was smashed right there and then. In former times we called this "brokenness". Now we see it as a way of living...believing it is not I who live, but at my spirit centre Christ disguised as me. That is , on the upper layers, my core personality, my left-brain articulation, my feelings,my jokes, my love of music, my artistic weirdness....all this has not changed....if anything I get it back resurrected...which the world regards as arrogance...certainly religious people do....cos I am not coming over as soupy, and spiritual with candles.
One last bit.
This is the strange bit. The 6000 years mystery of sin.
What you have been taught is right. Sin has been kicked out. We have no indwelling sin. Christ came in and booted it out. But here is the mystery and it has taken all this time to see it. Page Prewitt and Norman discovered that the second we hold ourselves in our spirit centre to be "independant beings" again, shortly afterwards a proud haughty spirit begins to take hold again and it "appears" to the outside world that we are back in sin again.
What Rob Rufus is seeing is kind of connected to this...and this is why all these blogs are so fascinating...cos, everyone is seeing strands...what he is seeing is that a religious activity like confession is not necessary since we are continually and positionally in Christ...we need to just carry on again in faith.

Well this is functionally what happens when we slip into false "independant " believing again (I am a self-running person in my own right...I don't even need a spirit...I am a soul and that is all I need) to get out of it we simply in faith confession "I am Christ going on in my my my feelings...I do need a spirit to run, and that spirit is Christ my Lord."

I think that is what Rob is perceiving in his spirit. I personally believe, and have recently again experienced, that when the Father brings a word of correction, you DO have to confess, you DO have to repent...but all this is on the new basis of my relationship with God accomplished through Jesus and His indwelling Presence in me.

I love Ryan and Rob very much...much as it would seem otherwise from recent postings.
On August 8th (080808) Jesus manifested Himself again to Rob, so expect a defining in his direction in the coming weeks. It could be that the Hong Kong Church will be one of the first 3rd Level churches in modern history. Acts was a 3rd level church run by 3rd level leadership. Peter was like Rob. Daft enough just to go for it! Peter just leapt in to walk on water while the others sat there.
David was like this with Goliath. Before Rob was saved he brawled in bars with the biggest guy in the room.
Thing is...when Rob prayed for an Acts 2 church I don't think he honestly quite knew what he was praying for...he was thinking more in terms of mighty signs and wonders...but the other bit was that they'd all been through Romans 7 together and they were actually a 3rd level church...a church led by leaders who as John said "Knew Him who was from the beginning!!" and "knew" is a sexual word of Union. Personally, when I prayed to God that I might meet Him in my new house, when I had a housewarming party in 1985...I could not have known the trail of devastation to come...not only for me, but at least 4-5 of those present have now been relocated to Havant Church and are in a new move altogether. But I experienced all these things hidden away....Rob has prayed this prayer in the full glare of a church...but on thousands upon thousands of podcasts all round the world...not exactly hidden away shall we say!!!! I mean what kind of Peter figure does that!!!

lydia joy said...

Thanks Chris for getting back to me on this! Ever since I found out the true Gospel of grace and was given the revelation of having an indwelling Christ, I couldn't accept the doctrine of indwelling sin - it simply has not sat well with me at all, in fact it makes my blood boil, in my former church, the "senior" pastor LOVED this doctrine, he preached it more than anything, and even wrote a book around it, anyway, since I do not identify as a sinner anymore, nor do I want to be identified by my flesh, I feel compelled to get a grip on how to disprove this doctrine, more and more it is for myself than anything, I have a hard time as well with the indwelling sin teaching that only teaches we still have sin in our flesh, or our members or whatever - I suppose it's fine if people want to believe it and teach it, but I don't think it's worth my time, I would much rather keep focused on my identity in Christ as God sees and declares me perfectly righteous. Anyway, why would God partner with sin???? He does it only because he removed them, and sees them no more and sees Jesus - I mean come on, isn't that worth focusing on for a lifetime!!!
Thanks for your comment, I am learning a lot of interesting things from you!