Thursday, August 21, 2008

Consider the butterfly.....

Just the other day, I took my four boys along with my mom to a local arboretum to visit a butterfly exhibit. This is the time of year to see butterflies in all their stages. Butterflies are one of my favorite creatures. They are so whimsical. I just love them! We got to go inside a special butterfly house, or habitat created just for them, as well as for us to observe them up close and personal. It was delightful! The boys were so intrigued as they went around searching for caterpillars and spotting the various butterflies, that would flit and float by. Summer dreaminess at its best! Anyway, I wanted to share this little picture my mom took. It inspired me to create this poem. It came to me as a New Covenant version of a Proverb. 

Consider the butterfly 
consider it's life and let it free you....
Look at the process 
of fantastic wonder
into true beauty and freedom! 
Before it finds its way into the world as a new creation, 
emerging from egg, to caterpillar, 
and then it must go through a greater process,
a transformation.....
to become it's true form as a butterfly!
Time spent bound inside itself, 
as a chrysalis,
it hangs on a thread waiting to be released.....
and one day, it happens, 
as nature would only predict, 
the hatching from the coma,
and slowly it let's out its tender wings, 
it is fragile and weak, yet it was born to fly and fly it will.
Time allows the butterfly to adjust 
and out of nowhere, it takes flight.........
gracefully flitting and floating to and fro, 
lightly and easy, flowing along
tasting all of natures goodness in each and every colorful flower
so many riches, so many good things to taste and to see.....
such a life of freedom, of pure simplicity, 
allowing itself to be nurtured by nature itself.....!! 
This is a life of pure freedom, 
one that is meant to be enjoyed,
and lived to its fullest, in it's final truest stage of life
as it was intended to be -unbound and living free!!


07000intune said...

And what i'm saying Lydia Joy is that just as real as a butterfly's transformation from caterpillar to pupae to butterfly

is 1st level, 2nd level and 3rd level stuff.It worries me slightly that we think our charismatic churches are it.....nope...they are only the shell around the pupae.
No one can imagine what is presently incubating in churches. because butterfly life has so little in common with pupae life.
Christ up and running in us as us is as beautifully weird and different as a learned Jewish rabbi turning into someone who takes command of shipwrecks...who everyone loves so much they all burst into tears on the beach in Acts, when he's
weird and different as a little unknown black mother wondering what on earth she could do in the narrow confinement of her life and circumstances...and staying up into the middle of the night to write "Uncle Tom's Cabin"....which set off a war (well one of the last contributory factors) and began the end of slavery in USA. Harriet Beecher Stowe. So you just can never tell what the butterfly is going to look like!!!!

Craig said...

Nice one....Oh Lord your grace is just amazing, who is there like You....

Craig said...
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lydia joy said...

Welcome Craig, and thanks!!!

I read a verse today that made me think of the levels you speak of. 1 John 2:12-14 - talks about the stages of growth believers go through, little children, young men and fathers, not based on age, but based on one's current understanding of Christ, or should I say their inner knowing. So, the Father stage would be the 3rd level......!!!

lydia joy said...
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lydia joy said...
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RJW said...
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lydia joy said...
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RJW said...

Thank you for your poem; it's lovely. :)