Saturday, August 9, 2008


I just got home from the conference and am totally wiped out. It was a wonderful time all in all. And I just believe the Lord did too much for me to even begin to share here until I have some time to rest and process. But I did want to share a small portion, that doesn't require much effort from me, being that the video will speak powerfully I trust. Julie Meyers led the worship. She was amazing! Gifted prophetically and gifted to take worshippers away into powerful intimacy with the Lord, she gave this prophetic song that follows. It was done this past June I believe, but they played it at the conference and talked about it in more depth. I thought it was awesome and wanted to share it with you!! As soon as my mind stops reeling, I will be back to post some content on the conference!


07000intune said...

As one who has a double Cd awaiting the right moment,

as one who is aware how American top notch Christian musicians have been just routinely passed over in Britain, and completely unheard of now for 40 years

as one who has a friend who has worked for 21 years completely by faith and jeopardizing his household on a Christian Top Class Outreach film...which the Christian directors in this country say is TOO overt, and so far got nowhere,

All I can say to this electricity is


07000intune said...

i hope Peter doesn't mind this, but this is what Peter Stott (Havant) emailed when he saw your clip.........and I so agree with it.

Jorge's son Jordi and myself received an awesome vision/
prophetic sense of all this in 1979.
He went on and partially fulfilled it in Argentina with a band in the 80s revival. Shortly after in the 90s Delirious came...which in Europe was another partial fulfilment. But that which we received 30 years ago was a "specific Spirit sound" within the music which is on another level of anointing...and that is what we are hearing through this clip.It is all at another level.
Peter Stott:"Chris,

Just watched it ......................... it is truly awesome and really witnesses to me. I think the Lord has been preparing many people covertly for this day, over a number of years. They are positioned and ready for the media to open up..

In my heart, are part of forerunning in this, but by no means alone. is broadcast from Jerusalem which is one of the places mentioned in the song. Lakeland touches 214 nations simultaneously, via its networks.

Is this how "the light of the glory of God will cover the earth"?

I have felt for a long time that the prophets of God will address national issues - is this the vehicle?

The "sound" mentioned in the song echoes words which have come over the last ten years, too - a sound which will emanate from heaven, which the world will be unable to reproduce!

Just feel this is lining up for the season coming of chaos in the earth and people will be crying out for answers - the song says this, too!

We are in a season of convergence when so many words over the years are connecting together for a mighty explosion of the Kingdom of God and of His Christ!

You are correct to be excited ..... keep passing on what you are digging up.

With love,

- Peter

lydia joy said...

Chris, Glad you were Wow'd!
And that was encouraging to read Peter's letter too thanks for sharing it!!