Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Something to Remember......

I am not a sinner!
God isn't counting my sins against me!
I don't confess my sins endlessly to others - I don't focus on my sin!
I am a saint!
God is counting me as 100% righteous and perfect forever!
I just confess that Jesus is Lord - I focus on Jesus!


Matthew Campbell said...

Amazing...Thanks, sister. :)

lydia said...

Have you ever heard that rather corny overused (but very true) phrase of " God said it, I believe it, that settles it!"

...well now you have........ :)

Matthew Campbell said...

I've used that myself, but that is what it really comes down to. The invitation of the Gospel is really inviting you to believe God loves you no matter what. It's the Father entreating the creation to come into the celebration. "Return to Me, for I have redeemed you".

lydia said...

Well said Matt!!!

Alan Hiu said...

Hi Lydia, this is what He meant by confession. We are supposed to confess what God says about us.; this is "Homo logo" in Greek.

We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and as He is, so are we in this world!

This is a powerful confession.

lydia said...

Hi Alan,
Thanks for stopping by.
Indeed it is a powerful confession!!!!

Don said...

Amen, Lydia.

I'm not arguing with you by saying this, but the balance to what you've written is that we do have to acknowledge current sins and ask for grace to change. Asking others to pray for God to help us change is very important, when we can do that.

I know that some things God doesn't give us victory over, until we open up to others and ask for their help and prayers. Else, it'd be too easy to live in isolation and not allow the Body of Christ to "build itself up in love" through intercession and mutual edification.

lydia said...

Hey I was mainly posting this to state I don't identify as a sinner in God's eyes. I am not saying I don't sin anymore, nor do I want to leave the impression that I don't care about sin. I just don't want to have a sin-focused, sin consciousness all the time. Nor do I believe, like in our former church, that I have to constantly be under the sin microscope.
That said, I am learning to be more focused on Jesus, while be real with those I trust, that will be full of grace and compassion and patience!!
I always appreciate your 2 cents, and I don't feel like you are arguing. Sometimes there is more behind my post than meets the eye-!
I am still living in the residuals of a certain familiar ministry and I feel the need to remind myself of the way God see me!!!!