Saturday, September 27, 2008

Holy is the Lord........

Another glimpse into one of the very joys of my life - this song, I simply adore it. I prefer Bethany Dillon's version, but alas, it is not available on Youtube. The bummer is you can't hear the amazing mandolin solo in this version. 
This song just captures a simple heart's cry that resonates with my own, and I just can't get enough of it!! I play it often in the car over and over, and my 3 year old sings it right along with me, at the top of his little lungs!! (His version is the cutest ever!!) 
So sing together with me today, of how Holy is the Lord, God almighty. Stand with me and lift up your hands, for the joy of the Lord is our strength!!! 
Many blessings, and much grace and peace to all who stop by today!!! (oh and I couldn't decide which version I liked better, so here's two for your listening and viewing pleasure.)


Jamie said...

You Are coming to SEE us!!

I LOVE this; we sing it in our fellowship.

And your husband is musical???
Awesome! Mine is, too!

I know about the goosebumps...Ryan plays piano and guitar and I love it!

And Devon, our eldest daughter, has started leading worship when she is home, and Lydia, I weep for the goodness and Grace of our God. To see your children grow and use their talents for the Lord because they WANT TO, not feeling obligated, indescribable!!! ( another Chris Tomlin song!) :)

The cool thing is, both Devon and Ryan worship at home, alone, the same way. So at church, they just worship, freely, naturally. Music is a beautiful expression of worship!

Our youngest, Savannah, 12, dances! No self-consciousness; she just lets the love in her flow out! What a generation He is raising up!

Thank you for the song; what a wonderful start to my week-end!

Jamie said...

Ryan said we will do this tomorrow and I will think of you and smile!!! :)

lydia said...

Yay!! And thanks for the glimpse into your home and family - my husband is the guy who can pick up any instrument in the world and at least play one song on it!!
Oh and your welcome, enjoy worship tomorrow!! :)