Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rosh Hashanah......

Being that I am a homeschool mom, also an autodidact, I decided to research a day on the calendar we know little about. The school across the street from us will be off today in honor of Rosh Hashanah. Funny, I doubt many even understand the significance or value of this ancient tradition, myself included. 

I, personally, am thankful to not have to go to great lengths(proper food preparing, propering candle extinguishing, and more) to usher in a new year of blessing, keeping traditions, (such as properly sounding the shofar), performing ceremonies and having extensive laws to keep. However, at the same time seeing this particular Jewish holiday for what it is and understanding all the facets of their celebration, causes me to see, even more, the prophetic significance and how amazing this gift of grace really is!!!!!
Much grace and peace, and many rich blessings to you!!


Jamie said...

I think it would be sooo cool to be a Messianic Jew; all the understanding of the history and tradition with the liberty of grace! :)

"Sounding the shofar": the blowing of a ram's horn...pointing to an announcement or proclamation made possible by the death of a ram; what we do when we preach Jesus, and the cross, and Grace...we sound the shofar everyday!!! How cool is THAT??? :)

Love to you.

lydia said...

Me too! I wish I had grown up with a better understanding of the rich history of the Bible and the Hebrew culture.........

It is very cool!!! Very cool indeed!!

Thanks for the love - right back at ya!!

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

I'd really recommend wading through this, perhaps in stages

I first read it in totality nearly 30 years ago.I have only skimmed it since. Because you wrote what you did, I have actually read through this page and the preceding one very carefully tonight. Now to my utter wonder,
not only do I now understand virtually all of it...I find Norman Grubb's teachings fill in some of the fuzzy almost parable-descriptive images.It was written 50 years ago.
I actually think some of my writing is a bit clearer on certain issues.....Well, that's no end of an encouragement to me if no one else!!!

To return to both your comments.This is the amazing thing.
When I started to get some light I thought, I must learn more. So I chose 2 sources a converted Messianic Christian called Arnold Fruchtenbaum...and our local Portsmouth rabbi.

Now, a non-Spirit -filled Messianic Jew knows the details of the Feasts backwards. They haven't a clue about what Penetecost is apart from Acts 2, but in their mind....it all stopped with the Apostles. And as for Tabernacles...it's just like Martha was with Jesus "Oh I know we'll be raised on the last day." Which angered Jesus...cos He knows that too, but He was very firm with her...and ofcourse it concerned the resurrection of Lazarus....I am the Resurrection and the Life...Now ! Today! Standing before you. I'm not waiting around for some future event! I who speak to you, Am it!
And in that Spirit, Jesus says to His end-time Church...I am Your Feast of Tabernacles NOW....so get on with it!
Meanwhile, the Portsmouth rabbi, only eyed me suspiciously like I was sussing out the Synagogue to bomb it. "What's this Gentile doing asking me about the Feast of Tabernacles?" This was 1988.He acquiesced a bit and gave some details.
Now rabbis know all the details , but haven't a clue what they mean internally....just that the Passover was the birth of Israel as a nation.

So once again, do you see how as a believer hunting down truth...you will again be dancing between 2 armies...both trying to gun you down. But the Truth is out there! In the Spirit. Only revealed to us properly as we continue to worship Jesus.From year to year it is all becoming clearer!!

lydia said...

Very cool Chris....and I did start reading George Warnacks book online, fascinating........What is so cool about this feast is all of the blessings and desires for prosperity and health and for God to just bless them in general, all of the symbolism points to wanted to be blessed! A lot of Christians seem to think it's not okay to ask to be blessed, and tend to have a poverty type of spirit/mindset.......but these Jews so long ago, even in the midst of laws and traditions, asked for the blessing of God!! And we get to live in it, we do not have to wait for the judgement each year, and be atoned for our sins. This is so beautiful to me and I wish I had studied the significance long ago........