Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is so cool!! I have been so interested in learning more about how God speaks to us through dreams. Today, I happened to stumble upon this video by Patricia King from Extreme Prophetic, interviewing Jim and Michal Ann Goll, co-authors of the book "Dream Language."  This book is on my list of books to read, as well as others, so I was thrilled to find this video. I recently was able to hear Jim Goll minister and was greatly blessed by his warlike, yet gentle spirit and great passion for the gospel of God's Kingdom to be declared boldly. 
Sadly, I must report that his wife, Michal Ann, just passed away due to cancer, not that long ago. I am sure the Goll family would appreciate any prayers on their behalf. 
So, if anyone is interested in learning more about dreams, I hear this is one of the best books out there. Check it out! 


Ursula Kuba said...

Hey Lydia joy,

Just thought I'd add a "supporting voice" here. I've read loads of books on dreams, and Dream Language by Jim and Michel Ann is the best! Its my dream handbook!

Can't wait to watch the youtube video!!!

Blessings on you!

lydia joy said...

Oh Excellent, thanks Ursula!! I can't wait to read it myself.............!!!

Many blessings to you as well!!


RJW said...

I just got that book plus The Seer last week. You mind reader!!

My dream life has accelerated. I want to know what is going on. Do you feel the "connections" being made? Do you feel as if time is speeding up as far as Body growth? My family discusses this a lot.

Great, timely post.

Much love!! :)

lydia joy said...

I want to hear all about the book and your dreams, do tell!!
I have been having some interesting dreams lately, but I don't know what they mean. I dreamt about gold dust being everywhere last night!! Anyway, I do feel an acceleration and almost a sense of urgency - let's not get passive at all, kind of sense!! But, I also just want more - I am very hungry to know my Jesus more and to soak up His glory and spread it all around.....!!!!

And yes I thought of you and of Dan, when I posted about this!!

Free Spirit said...

Thanks Lydia Joy,
Over the last year or so, I have been awakened to the power of dreams in my life. I actually keep a dream journal where I write down any significant dream that I just can't seem to get out of my head, or one in which every detail is very visible and clear.

My past religion (denomination) taught to stay away from this kind of stuff, but I have to admit that I've seen it used powerfully in scripture, and I believe He's still doing it today (and maybe more so), but only to those who will receive them (dreams).

An interesting thing is how Papa used a particular dream a little over a year ago to direct us as a family to make a HUGE change involving ending a nearly 20 year career for my husband, to get involved in a totally different industry. We had no idea it was coming, but 2 nights after I had the dream, the opportunity presented itself by nearly falling in our lap. Had it not been for the dream, I don't know how easily I would have gone along with my husband's decision. Not to mention, that I'm not sure he would've even been willing to make the decision, had I not told him of the dream.

It was cool, because I had written it down and dated it in my journal, so that there is never any doubting as to whether or not I was just making it up. The opportunity out of nowhere didn't present itself until a couple days later.

Papa has been so good to us though. So far it seems like the right decision, for so many different reasons.

As I'm going thru this spiritual shift of leaving religion behind, I've not been as tuned into my dreams. Everything feels like it's been shaken up, and now I'm trying to let the good stuff surface at the bottom. So thanks for this reminder that He is speaking while we sleep.

I also began to get a little overwhelmed, because I often wouldn't ask for, or listen for, the interpretation of the dream, and I had so many that I didn't know what meant. Now, I believe that when I ask for the interpretation, it will come... in time.

Many of my dreams involve me in a vehicle: cars, airplanes, buses and I have never known what that means.

I've also heard of a guy named John Paul Jackson who is also very well versed in understanding some of the imagery from the bible that Papa uses in dreams. I've had a secret wish to attend one of his dream school classes to learn about interpretation.
Maybe someday. But for now, I'll go back to asking Papa to start giving me significant dreams again.

Thanks for the video. It inspired me to ask Him.

lydia joy said...

Wow awesome testimony Free Spirit, thanks for sharing it with me!! So cool that you already keep a dream journal, I hope to do that myself!! I am so glad you were blessed by this post and reminded to ask for dreams again. I have been just so hungry for God in any way I can have him, and this is one way!! I just pray we all start to have God dreams again! I decided to go read the book of Daniel and get more inspired!!

Grace and peace to you!!

Ursula Kuba said...

Hey guys...

Thought I'd add a few things! Firstly...I'm going to do a study on dreams on my blog soon...I think there are a few things I can put on there!

Secondly...Lydia...if you want to email me your dream...I'd be happy to pray and see what God reveals...and check up the biblical symbolism on some of them...I have a crazy amount of reference books for that!

Keep a dream journal! Thats my best advice to you! I look back now on some dreams...and its awesome!

Both the Seer and Dream Language are handbooks for me...

Loving the accelaration in the Body...things are speeding up! Fast..and so many in sync! Yay Jesus!!!!!!

Ursula Kuba said...
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lydia joy said...

Aah Ursula, fear not for you shine brightly with his beauty and perfection regardless!!!

Thanks for your address, talk to ya soon!