Monday, October 27, 2008

Let It Rain........

This song is for my friend Don!!! 


Don said...

Thanks, Lydia.

I was reminded recently of something I read: that a few years after the Welsh Revival in 1905, one could hardly tell God had showed up in such power - most people had gone back to their previous life.

What a waste of God's mercy, and likely all because no one built properly on the foundation of the revelation of Jesus Christ in people's hearts.

Times are too serious now, for such a tragedy to occur again.

After a "vacation" from revival thoughts, after what happened earlier this year, I'm praying now for the "really real" thing: praying for revival accompanied by mature teaching and discipleship, led by broken-by-God men and women. I really don't care if signs and wonders are a part of it - just truly changed hearts who live-out their change in loving obedience to God.

Jamie said...

Hey!! We discussed this very thing, even the Welsh revival, Sunday!

How about a reformation where peoples' lives and minds are reformed and generations are impacted??? Revival seems to imply a specific time and place accompanied by signs and wonders. Reformation, although it can possibly be pinpointed to an epicenter, is a changing of peoples minds about religion & God's Grace!! As Steve McVey calls it, "A revolution." An overthrowing of mindsets!!

Whatcha' think, Lydster??

lydia said...

Yes, I agree! It's our job to ask for discernment to eat the meat and spit out the bones, not pass on a good meal altogether, because we prefer boneless meat (or perfection)!
I would love to see a break through across the earth, call it revival, call it a revolution, where believers grow in love through understanding better this awesome New Covenant, and mindsets get shattered and we begin to see lives walking in purity due to renewed minds!! I don't need all the random signs and wonders, just the glory presence of God, as only He can truly transform. Book of Acts church gone global!!
It is time for the church to get back to the simplicity of the pure gospel and overthrow those mindsets and rip off those blinders.....yes, yes! And you know what, I do think it is happening, slowly but surely, it only takes a spark to get a fire going, and you and I and others are able to be ignitors. I feel a sense of urgency to not shrink back and keep spreading the message of grace like wildfire!!

Oh and Jamie I guess my comment answered you too!!!