Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah McMillan........

Well, here's a very hearty THANK YOU to Shawna for recommending this lovely woman of worship, Sarah McMillan.  I just listened to her and I am smitten!! And she has her whole CD available to listen to for free! Gotta love it! May this music bless others as it has me!! 


Shawna said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you've been blessed by her music! Those lyrics.... "words can never say the way he says my name, he calls me lovely. No one's ever seen the way he looks at me, he sees me holy. Earth can never hold this love that burns my soul, heaven holds me." Oh man! Being loved by God is sooo good. :) I'm going to listen to her music again right now!

lydia said...

Yes, this was a good find and one well worth sharing, thanks again!! I think my current fav is "Bright Wings"....but I love them all!!
I also checked out that other link you mentioned and it was very cool as well, I only wished I could hear more of his music without having to buy a cd....but it did lead me to another cool site playing some acoustic/experimental/folk a band called Songs of Water......pretty cool!! I love the variety of music and styles - it's like God's creativity never ends!!!!

And yes, being loved by God is soo good, so very good!!! Peace to you!!