Sunday, October 19, 2008

Turn your eyes upon Jesus......

I have to admit, I had an emotional roller coaster of a day yesterday. I could not get myself out of my woe. I fought and fought in my mind all day. But, honestly I was just blue and very weary of how my circumstances were not lining up with my inheritance. The reality is I am who God says I am, no matter what, and God is loving, good, sovereign, and for me, no matter what. Sometimes, I just don't understand the why's of life, I really don't.......I wish I did, but I don't. So what do I do in these times of confusion, these times when my feelings seem to take over and consume me? Somehow, someway I want to get to a place where I can "let not my heart be troubled",  because He has given me all things in Christ. Christ is enough, Christ is my all in all. His grace IS sufficient for me!  No matter what my circumstances are, and how I respond to them or feel about them. I just want to look at Jesus, to behold his beauty and be still before Him, resting in all He has accomplished for me. I think when I rest in Him, the worry or anxiety releases and grace begins to flow. His peace, His shalom (nothing missing, nothing broken) is available to me, and I just want to live more fully in it! Thank you Jesus, that you are my everything!!
I was reminded of this simple song last night, when I realized the simplicity of the Gospel yet again. I may not like where my emotions take me, and struggle to conquer them on my own. The truth is I can't conquer them. Looking at Jesus is my only hope of freedom, my only answer to getting off emotional roller coasters! 
So I am turning my eyes upon Jesus..................will you join me?!!


John Fincher said...

I want to point you to a post on my blog. You are probably already familiar with it, as it is by Bill Gillham. This analogy has helped me more than anything else I have read.

Grace and Peace to you.

Matthew Campbell said...

Aww, my sister in Christ. You are unbelievably loved by Him. When you finally see Him face to face you will then completely understand. The enemy never points us to God's love. He never points us to the cross. He always points us to ourselves. Make an effort to rest in Him. :)

Joel B. said...

We are strangers and aliens here in this world. I think there are lots of wonderful things that God has for us in this world, so I never want to deny any of that, but when it comes to understanding (or lack thereof) our worldly circumstances, the only thing that is really worthwhile and worth looking to is indeed Jesus Himself and His kingdom that is not of this world.

Dan Bowen said...

Oh wow ... you've just totally expressed and obviously mirror where I'm at, at present. This is when I'm finding the true gospel of grace really has power ... that He loves me without reserve even when I've not got the strength to force a smile.

jul said...

That's what I love too Dan. All the pressure to try and look or act a way I'm not feeling has lifted and I know that I can cling to truth without always feeling guilty or condemned that my life doesn't seem to 'line up' with the truth I know. I'm not being judged by my Father, I'm being loved by my Father. All the time, no matter what.

In our weakness, then we are strong! Love you Lydia, hope grow up to be more like you, you're one of my heros!

Jamie said...

Thank you for reminding me at whom and at what I should be focused on; He and his work ARE ENOUGH!!

Great heapings of love & Grace to you today.

Bino M. said...


Grace and Peace to you!

I like to post a quote by Major Ian Thomas (which I just used along with one of my own blog post):

"If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit" (Galatians 5:25), and this is what it means to walk in the Holy Spirit: to take one step at a time, and for every new situation into which every new step takes you, no matter what it may be, to hear Christ saying to your heart, "I AM", then to look up into His face by faith and say, "You are! That is all I need to know, Lord, and thank You, for You are never less than adequate."

Yes, look up into His face and say : "You are!"

lydia said...

May I express my gratitude and love to you all for being a source of community and grace to me!!

John ~ great to have you visit, thank you for the post!

Matthew ~ You are so right, and thanks for the encouragement to rest in HIM!! Always feel free to point me again and again to him!!

Joel ~Right on! ONLY JESUS!!

Dan ~ I am sorry you are in a tough place like me, but I am grateful we can relate and remind each other of His all surpassing love and that has such awesome power does it not!! May he cause your face to turn toward him and shine like the sun - His awesome presence is always with you!!

Julie ~ Oh how He loves us, it truly is amazing~! Let the weak now be strong - like a warrior!! You often remind me of a strong warrior, a warrior contender for the pure gospel of grace!! I only hope your passion has rubbed off on me - !! Thanks for your love!!

RJW ~ you reminded me -remember!! Thanks! May you experience much love and peace in Him today!!

Bino ~ I really like that quote! Thanks for the encouragement! Grace and peace to you as well!

jul said...

I don't know Lydia, you're at least as much of a passionate warrior as I am, if not more!

lydia said...

Jul ~ okay that's it a little Pat Benatar is on the way!!!