Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.............First day in Hong Kong!!

Well here I am in Hong Kong!! I can't even believe it still! I arrived at 8 pm Hong Kong time, which is 8am my time in Philadelphia! The flight was long, but seemed to go rather quickly. I was so excited when we landed I could hardly contain it, and clapped on the runway. I thought that is what people do, but no one else did! Oh well, the guy next to me did a little cause I did. Ha ha! I got off the plane expecting to find Julie shortly. After I had gone through immigration and waited, I began to worry. I walked around looking for her and prayed God would send her to me, but we never connected. So I realized, I had better figure something out. So I found the email she sent with the hotel information and wrote it all down. Went and got my money exchanged, then went and bought a special bus pass and found my way to the bus terminal. Asking people along the way where to go. On the bus the people I asked for help were very kind, and I made it to my destination. Once off the bus, I had all these guys trying to take my luggage and help me get  room. Very nerve racking and annoying. And they wouldn't leave me alone. I had to tell them many times, I am fine!! So I finally got to the registration desk at my hostel, and the woman was confused and so was I. She could only help me if I had the room #, which I didn't. Eventually we found Julie's name on the list and I had to go back down the elevator into the market area where all those men were again ( I honestly don't know how Julie fared for 2 days on her own) and walked through a very strange market to another elevator. Once off the elevator a kind man and his wife let me into the hostel floor with their key and I sat outside our room waiting for Julie. Thankfully, she arrived shortly after having been looking for me for several hours. Dang. Oh well........it worked out!! 
We went into our teeny tiny itty bitty room (sorry Urs, there's no room even on the floor!!) and sat and talked for hours, until we finally realized we needed to sleep so we could get up in a few hours for the conference. 
Now we are getting ready to head out, so I will keep you all posted!!! Thanks for all your love and prayers!!! 


Dan Bowen said...

Am so glad you finally found each other!! Was praying anxiously for ages - it so reminded me of my arrival in Hong Kong too! You feel so ... alone and so lost in a big city! But God is awesome!! :) I've got the Hong Kong time up on my phone so I can remember whereabouts you might be and what you might be doing!!

If you feel a presence near or around you, then it's probably my spirit ... trying to teleport!! :) Honestly, when I go to sleep I get such vivid flashbacks of Hong Kong, the smells, the sounds!!

I SOOOO Want to be there!!

Bino M. said...

I think those men trying to help you in the hotel do it expecting good tip from you. They realize you are a foreigner and rich. (Well, all westerners are rich for the people in the third world countries).

Glad you reached there safely. Hoping you will have a great time in the conference!

Matthew Campbell said...

Awesome!! Sounds exciting!! Hope you have tons of fun!!! Hong Kong sounds like major jetlag!

lydia said...


lydia said...

Bino ~ These guys were actually trying to convince me to book a room through them, the hotel warned us that there would be guys trying to get money from us and say that we have a room, when they can't give us one because they are not even part of the hotel, they are just trying to deceive me into giving them money!! So they were crooks!! Anyway.........

We are having a blast - Thanks!!