Friday, March 20, 2009

More photos......

Below - Sandy and Louise. Ladies we met attending the conference
as well. They knew Rob from his church in South Africa 10 or more years ago. 

Above - Julie basking in the sun on the ferry
Below - Julie took a survey this young guy had and he 
wanted a picture of them!! Isn't he cute!!

One more conference session left to go, and then church on Sunday. Today we got to walk around a bit more and took a ferry around the harbor. That was particularly nice to get out of the crowded streets and breath some fresh air and smell the salt water and soak in the sunshine!! While on the ferry we met some folks that were also attending the conference. They all knew Rob from back when he was a pastor in South Africa. That was pretty cool!! I am just loving meeting people from so many nations. Ask of me and I will give you the nations, says the Lord. It is a beautiful thing to be united to the whole world in this way!!


Dan Bowen said...

Wow that last pix is so beautiful!!

Jamie said...

These are wonderful photographs! Really marvelous!

Thank you for including us in your adventure! And just look at beautiful, radiant Julie!!

Enjoy your last few days, Lydia full of joy and grace.