Monday, May 11, 2009

Freedom in Christ Quotes.................

"What then does Paul mean by the old man? It seems to me quite plain....  the old man is the man I used to be in Adam....   it is the man I once was, but which I am no longer." 

 ~ Martin Lloyd Jones

"Understand that the old man is not there. The only way to stop living as if he were still there is to realize that he is not there. That is the New Testament method of teaching sanctification. The whole trouble with us, says the N.T. is that we do not realize what we are that we still go on thinking we are the old man and go on trying to do things to the old man. That has has been done; the old man was crucified with Christ. He is non-existent, he is no longer there.....If we but saw this as we should, we would really begin to live as Christians (or Sons) in this world."  

~ Martin Lloyd Jones

"We don't do anything, we don't give anything to God, but we receive and allow someone else to do all the work for us and in us and it's God that does it." The only experience necessary is Christ's death on the cross. 

~ Martin Luther

"Oh, it is a great thing to see that we are in Christ! Think of the bewilderment of trying to get into a room in which you are already are! Think of the absurdity of asking to be put in! If we recognize the fact that we are in, we make no effort to enter." 

~ Watchmen Nee

"The more we work and sweat to extricate ourselves from sin the worse off we are. For there is no way to remove sin except by grace. And with Paul, let us confess that all our works and righteousness, with all of which we could not make the devil stoop down one hairbreadth, are nothing but loss and refuse. 
It seems to be a trivial matter to teach the Law and affirm works, but this does more damage than human reason can imagine. Not only does it mar and obscure the knowledge of grace, but it also removes Christ and all His blessings, and it completely overthrows the Gospel." 

~ Martin Luther

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