Saturday, June 13, 2009

He soothes me to sleep...........

It's 4 am and I toss and turn
My heart is heavy, my soul is worn

4:30 now, words no longer flow
my eyelids are heavy, to bed I must go

Those dreams I just dreamt
simply Satan's best attempt
at keeping me angry, and brewing contempt

but I will reject them and cast them away
for fear and negativity will not stay
I cannot allow them to come my way

For peace is my solace and peace is my gift
but Satan my heart will only try to sift

Jesus my Rock, my strong confidant
will save me and keep me, my enemies confront

He raises up a standard against all of those
who seek to take me down, my life they oppose

But Christ is my victor,  finalized at Calvary
He triumphed, he conquered for all the world to see

My Jesus, I thank you, you love me so dear
Your love has such power to conquer all fear

So as I attempt to rest my weary head
I remember your voice,  and the kind words you have said

You promised to not leave me, nor to forsake
My broken heart will be mended, yet some time it may take
........but Your word is a promise a bright shining truth
my wounds you long to heal, with your salve you will soothe

I'm so eternally grateful, from the bottom of my heart 
for this new thing you are doing, and a brand new start

You always redeem, 
you always save, 
you make all things new
You conquered the grave
You never give up, you never fail, 
you're always faithful, your word shall prevail..............

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