Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My heart wrenching thoughts on sickness..........

I'm frustrated I'll be honest. I hate to see people suffering. Today I heard yet another heartbreaking story about someone I know who has a debillitating sickness. It hurt my heart and made me mad at the same time. 
We are not meant to be sick like this folks! It's not our inheritance! But yet so many are suffering, so many christians are hurting!!
What upset me today when talking with this woman who's relative is very ill, is that she said "God allows this to happen, and it really is shaping her character and helping her to become more patient."  I said, "Now wait a minute that's like you 'allowing' a car to run over your child because you want her character to improve. Would you honestly do that? NO! You would get arrested for child abuse if you did that. And how much more of a good parent is God than you and I?!!" 
I just don't get how we get these mentalities. Is it because we want an answer and we don't have one? We cannot let these misconceptions about God continue in the church. These misconceptions halt faith right in their tracks and then we get stuck in bondage, to sin or sickness. Bill Johnson says this, " When I have misconceptions of who God is and what He is like, my faith is restricted by those misconception. For example, if I believe that God allows sickness in order to build character, I'll not have confidence in praying in most situations where healing is needed. But, if I believe that sickness is to the body what sin is to the soul, then no disease will intimidate me. Faith is much more free to develop when we truly see the heart of God as good."
 We have to stop thinking that an all loving Father is after our character more than anything else. Jesus did not die, deal with sin once and for all to then have us acting like he hasn't dealt with our sin issues. He has! Once and for all!!!
I think the problem is solely in our believing. If Jesus purchased our healing for us as the Bible says then it is a done deal. We have to believe He is good. We have to believe the truth so it can set us free. We have to look not to the seen, but to the unseen eternal truths of what Jesus truly did accomplish on our behalf on that cross!!! I love how Bill Johnson states this; "Unbelief is anchored in what is visible or reasonable apart from God. It honors the natural realm as superior to the invisible. The apostle Paul states that what you see is temporal, and what you can't see is eternal.  Unbelief is faith in the inferior." 
It reminds me of what Jamie and I were discussing the other day when she said this; "We are given the power to overcome only in as much as we trust Christ's overcoming."  Now this was referring to overcoming sin in life, but I think it applies just as much to healing. We have been given EVERYTHING in Christ, do we really believe that?!!
Honestly, I am so frustrated about all of this. The earth is waiting for the Sons of God to be revealed. We are the Sons of God, the inheritors of a great family estate and it's time we started managing the estate, it's got too many weeds and briars growing up and the foundation is crumbling!! 
But here's my problem that I struggle with, what do I do with someone who is all caught up in wrong believing about God's goodness and love. I so desperately want to help others get free!! All I can do is pray for them and speak truth to them. So that is what I will do, but in the meantime - this Gospel Paul preached has got to go global!! We need to nourish the sick with the truth of this rich powerful Gospel. How is the church going to impact the world if we are not even seeing most christians living in the freedom Christ purchased for them?!!! 
Anyway, just a rant really, but let me tell you something in me is gonna bust open with the inner turmoil I have over this issue. 


The Lewis Family said...

The issue I have with healing is that I can't try to believe.

lydia said...

You know that is how I feel too and that is why I wrote this post, to exhort myself and others to believe. That said I think faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. The more we hear the truth, including that our healing has been purchased too, the more we can get set free. I just really think we can trust Him, but I can get sidetracked by my circumstances and fix my eyes on them instead. I have not gotten completely healed yet, but the health issues I have had have been improving over the last 2 years and I expect that to continue :)

Phil said...

Hey Lydia. What do you think Paul means in Rom5v3-5 etc? I really want to lay hold on whatever is available. Maybe you can clear some rubble out the way for me.

lydia said...

Hey Phil,
I don't think the suffering Paul is referring to includes sickness! I think the suffering he refers to is in regards to what comes with sharing the Gospel - persecution and such!
I don't know if you clicked on any of the links in this post, but there is a wealth of Scripture that proves that healing is a part of salvation. The greek word for salvation is sozo, which means; deliver, protect, heal, preserve, save, do well, to make whole.
He bore our sicknesses and took our infirmities, and by His stripes we are healed! Sickness here means sickness, infirmities here means infirmities. Not to mention that Jesus told us that we would do greater works than he did, and that signs shall follow the Gospel, these signs will be blind eyes opened, dead raised, captives set free...........

Phil said...

I read them, thanks. I feel like I've got some sort of lock-down on my brain and you know what I mean?

lydia said...

Yes I do Phil, go get some rest :) Peace be with you!!!

His Paula said...

Hi Lydia,
This is the first time I have commented on your blog. I believe yesterday was the first time I ever arrived here.

I have only recently come to face actual Grace. Law I knew and right well!!! Law nearly killed me, literally!

I can't recall when I started believing in God and Jesus...just always have. Not that I've been a saint, actually not even close. Still not.

My story is very very long and I won't go there.

However, I do think it's important for me to share a little, so that Jesus can receive full glory and victory when this "various trial" is ended.

On October 24, 2008, I was admitted into the hospital. Doctors told my Beloved I had about 3 hours left to live. I weighed in at 81 pounds with a blood sugar of over 700. I became "famous" as the over 700 girl who lived.

I was instantly diagnosised as having a thyroid problem and type one diabetes. That requires insulin in order to live. sigh

By the way at the time I was 41 years I have heard time and time again, "a little long in the tooth for that one ain't ya?" Ha!!! Reckon not. :o)

Well, back in March/April 2009, I stopped taking the thyroid meds. I have been to my doctors (one being my sister in-law) and nothing has been mentioned about a thyroid I haven't taken that since then.

The insulin (a long lasting) was set at 10 units which a type one must take (twice daily) in order to live. Mine was reduced, by God's Grace, until I reached 5 units. I only (praise Jesus) only take it once a day, in the morning. The other insulin is not necessary as long as I don't overdo the carbs, which again it's unheard of for a type one to eat anything (meat, cheese and eggs) without a shot of insulin before eating.

I know that God is wanting to help others and using me. Let me tell ya, I need that help, because I was beginning to transform myself into a Jew. I ate the foods of the Jews. I studied the ten commandments and anything I could get so I could pass that final exam. Also worked my behind off trying to please God.

I recall while in the ICU that I ingored everyone and had full blow out loud conversations with God. Mainly me saying:

When members of various churches asked if they could pray for me. I would always answer...I need faith. Healing isn't important. GOD give me FAITH!!!

He sure enough has answered. But Grace has replaced my hard strict law living. For others and myself.

But since God didn't answer the prayer for healing in a timely manner for the church members, they just accepted that "well, God has His reasons. And He doesn't heal everyone." I always reply then your god is a liar, so stop praying for me. That always makes them upset...for I am just an ungrateful heathen. haha.

Well, I am just wanting to get His-story out so when it's all said and done, He and He alone will receive full glory.

BTW, thanks for sharing this post. I am seeking true believers. and not just those church-goers offering pathetic lip-service...there's no hope in that type of service.

Have a Grace-filled night.
His Paula

PS when I came home from the hospital, checked in on Friday and home by Monday...praise Jesus!!! Anyway, I wasn't able to see. I prayed God would speak some words to me and the only words that repeated over and over were James...count it all joy. let patience have her perfect work. count it all joy. let patience have her perfect work.

lydia said...

WOW!! Welcome Paula! I am so grateful to hear your story, or should I say His-story!! God is good ain't He the bestest!! Thanks for taking the time to tell me this. It's cool that you were able to get a hold of grace! It seems that when we are at our rock bottom and feel like giving up that grace swoops in all the more mightily. I can see how even when we do suffer in sickness it can be turned into good for those who love God. So yes I see how that verse was appropo in your situation. Because the joy for you was truly finding Jesus like never before!! How awesome!! Well I hope you stick around and visit some more, we'd all love to have ya!!!

Believing for you as you continue to heal!! Peace be with you!!!

The Lewis Family said...

Have you read any of Merlin Carothers books? "Power to Praise" etc? I read them a long time ago and it certainly changed my attitude regarding difficult circmstances (sickness included). And often when I am struggling with something or someone He reminds me just to praise Him. That is often the route I go and it really takes the pressure off the situation. I can do that, even when I am in a horrid circumstance because I really do trust that He is so good and loving, so I don't do it as a law thing. It seems to shift something in the spirit. I have found myself saying Thank- you Jesus in the most wretched of times. When I have had friends struggling with difficult, hopeless like situations often "something" rises up in me that says, Stop looking at the snakes. . . Look at Him and thank Him for what He is doing.

It is so very nice to be reminded that He has us in His hands totally!

His Paula said...

Oh Lydia, I am planning on it.

I need to "hang" with folks who believe in God's Grace, and once and done Freedom.

I'm sort of doing a "Before" and "After" notebook and hopefully I will be able to share more of what a Christian looks like before while she is keeping her nose clean, eating the proper way. Following the Law to the letter, NOT! But trying real hard anyway.

Oh that reminds me...

last night I was reading where the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law of Moses approached Jesus.

They wanted to know why His disciples ate without washing their hands.

Now...I have always strictly been a KJV girl (the older the book the better!) I have never fully understood that book!
No wonder I was so stinking confused!!! let that pride go of thinking if everyone else is smart enough then I will fake the knowledge until I can make...didn't happen.


last night I read the CEV and what an eye opener when I read...

they washed their hands before eating and washed their food when they purchased it at the market (those are not the exact words but pretty close)...

I nearly dropped my Bible!!!

You see, "Before" *I* believed strongly in the all germs must be killed. I have hand wipes, anti-bacterial gel, anti-bacterial soap. Though I wasn't a fanatic like a friend of mine, but still. I did criticize her for her unfounded fears. what a dumb-dumb sucker I was.

So I thoroughly washed fruits, veggies, and meat. I washed fruits and veggies as if they were dishes. Hot soapy water, rinse and dry...ha!!!

After cooking the meat though I went a step further, and once again washed the meat I cooked re-heating in microwave if necessary. Why wash? Crazy, eh?

This was one of my cries to the medical staff.

"You don't know who you are dealing with. *I* don't drink anything with high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives touch my lips. I only eat at fast food joints when there is nothing else available. (praying the whole time it doesn't kill me) I eat the purest foods, as a matter of fact I eat the food of the Jews. Only that which is kosher. I make all my breads, cookies, and cakes. I eat nothing unclean. You have mixed me up with someone else."

They wasn't your food it was milk!


Yeap, M-I-L-K. (
and 100% all-natural, grape juice (no additives, no preservatives)

That caused the old pancreas to shut down. I really got angry with God then.

Now we laugh a lot at my foolish-ness. Well, He laughs as He points out the jokes of my lifestory and I enjoy watching Him. Sometimes I join in. Yeap, God's all GOOD!

I am so very thankful that when HE choses you no matter what you were purchased...and can believe that nothing absolutely nothing can stop Him from loving you or drawing you closer and closer to Himself. I so LOVE HIM!!!

His Paula
I'm sorry I write so much. I'm just so excited to have found others who believe in what Jesus has done. This community around me is full of Pharisees...sigh

lydia said...

Haha, hey Paula, you can write as much as you want, I promise it's cool!!! I am grateful you are finding your freedom and enjoying visiting here!! I know all too well about being surrounded by legalists.....

I used to be a food 'legalist' myself only not with the cleanliness issue so much as being a nutrition nazi and getting sucked into various fads that were supposed to be the most 'healthy'.......whatever. Anyway, now I still love nutrtion, I just don't put my hope in diet and health. My hope is built on nothing but Him and Him alone!! I am so glad He has lovingly taught me that and continues to remind me of it!! Blessings on you!!!

lydia said...

Hey Becca,
No I have never heard of Merlin Carothers, but I SO appreciate your thoughts and encouragement. I was actually up last night thinking about all of this and I think what I am most mad about is that so many chrisitans simply do not know the full power the Gospel truth really has. But you are right and Phil I don't want to mislead you about that verse, I have thought about it further and I think sufferings is sufferings whatever they may be - including sickness. That said I don't think God allows sickness to teach us a lesson. The reason sickness continues is many fold and I am too tired to go into it now, but I appreciate the idea of counting it all joy because we know God can be made glorious in any situation - despite how it may seem to us at the present moment of suffering, it always works together for good!!! He is always working in all circumstances whether he is the reason they happen or not, whether the enemy is the reason they happen or we are the reason things happen - He will work it out for good for those that love him!!!

Jamie said...

Great thoughts here.

It is unacceptable for me to be sick. Period. How dare my MEAT try to tell me that it is stronger than the Life of Christ in me! I am in agreement, Lyds. Sickness was dealt with at the cross as much as sin. Yet we tend to focus on the "snakes" as Becca said instead of the bronze snake that was lifted up. I LOVE how Gary Garner says that Jesus experienced and suffered all our pain & sickness so we DO NOT HAVE TO! We are just weanies about this issue because we see people who are sick. Well, is God a LIAR?? Either He is or we are not walking in our inheritance. That said: I AM NOT EVER going to point to someone's sickness as a "lack of faith". I don't know why believing people don't see a manifestation of healing BUT I believe our healing has been provided for by the cross. DONE DEAL.

lydia said...

Amen to that Jaimster!! I agree I will never point to someone's sickness as a lack of faith, and I by no means meant that in this post. I think part of the reason why many christians are sick is because they are still under the curse of the law. When you are under law you get all the lovely curses that come with it - GEE YIPPEE! As for those who are living in grace and believing, I say, just hang in there and don't give up on your inheritance, even went you don't see it, or if you never see it! The Answer is final, the problems are momentary and fleeting...........

Jamie said...

Ohhhh, the Jamister...I like THAT! :)

Thank you for being you, Lyds, and for not backing down from TRUTH. You keep us encouraged.

Zillions of hugs & kisses!

tigerbright22 said...

Not ignoring your comment above, Lydia. Don't know what to say, just trackin'..

tigerbright22 said...

Sorry, this is Phil

lydia said...

Oh hey Phil ~ no worries.