Monday, September 14, 2009

'Means of grace'

Sorry, but I have to rant. This phrase strikes a serious sour note in my mind. In my old church this term was used to refer to any practice, discipline or method used to help a christian mature, grow, or overcome sin. Sounds good, maybe. Persuasive, perhaps. But is it really true that a discipline, a program, a class, an accountability group or book reading 'club' can be a 'means of grace' (insert=  a tool to help grace along and maybe work a bit faster)??
I don't need a tool or a tool belt for that matter, to add all my 'means of grace' tools in. I am clothed in Christ!! He is enough. I don't want a 'means of grace'. I want grace himself,  Jesus!! What can I add to Jesus that will help me in my life? NOT A THING!! Why am I trying to add anything to what Jesus has already completed on my behalf? I can't add one thing to the completely final work on that tree. 
Let me ask you this, what has the power to set you free? Subduing your flesh? Or receiving His gift of Life and believing it indeed has the power to keep you and transform you from the inside out?!!!!
I want to fix my eyes on the author and perfector of my faith, I want to look not on what is seen (my flesh) but on what is unseen (my new spirit joined with Christ). 

Peace to all who read here today!!!


jul said...

Yes, there is only one means of grace...JESUS!

Jamie said...

Venting, beautiful, passionate Lyds??? :)

Renew your mind, not hitch up your dang tool belt! JEESH! LOL

Smooches, you!

lydia said...

Yup ladies you said it!!!!!