Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Song of Divine Invitation.........

In a room filled with darkness and people in despair
I sit in filth with clothes of rags, without a will to care.
Then a Man dressed in scarlet walks into the room; 
The air that once was stale and cold is filled with sweet perfume.
His eyes are filled with searching, among faces pale and ashen; 
He makes His way among us with a heart compelled by passion. 
Then suddenly His eyes meet mine, my heart begins to race, 
I find myself longing to feel His warm embrace. 

He stops and stands before me as if He has found a prized possession. 
His eyes are tender, filled with joy, with sweet and calm compassion. 
With gentleness He takes my cheek within His soothing hand;
He turns my face towards His, I feel I know this Man. 
His tender gaze pierces through the darkness of my soul,
 I feel He knows all about me, every secret that I hold. 
With a voice like a whisper that sounds just like a song. 
He speaks the words of love for which my heart has longed.
"Come dance with Me, My darling, Come dance with Me, My love; 
Come dance, My bride, My chosen one, Come dance with Me above."

As I rise from my darkness, the room is filled with light, 
And as we dance, His robe is turned from scarlet into white. 
He holds me close and tenderly within His warm embrace, 
Somehow I know He loves me and know that I am safe.
All around me I hear music that reaches deep within my soul, 
My spirit feels alive - reborn with joy - for now I am whole.
We slowly dance around the room as He holds me to His side, 
With gentleness and tenderness, He tells me I'm His bride.

And as we dance He sings a song that fills my eyes with tears, 
Of love that heals a hardened heart and quiets every fear.
He tells me I'm His treasure, I'm His joy and His reward, 
His unique beloved creation, the one He loves and He adores.
His song is like a poem that He is singing just to me, 
His face is filled with joy and it sets my spirit free.

Then gently He leans over and places a kiss upon my cheek, 
And with words that fill my heart with gladness, He softly begins to speak.
He tells me of a gift that's be made especially for me, 
Woven by loving passion, it will clothe, and set me free.
As we stop He takes a hold on both my outstretched hands, 
He then speaks with boldness, and to the host of heaven commands:

"Bring Me her silk garments, bracelets and golden crown.
Bring me her leather sandals and white embroidered gown, 
Bring me the necklaces, the earrings and the wine, 
Bring the oil that I will use to cleanse and make her Mine. 
For this is My bride, My chosen one who brings My heart delight, 
This is the one I died for, My beloved beautiful bride."

And instantly my garments are changed from rags to robes, 
For He has dressed me in His splendor, for all of heaven to behold.
As He stands in front of me, joy beams across His face, 
For today He has made me holy, pure and filled with grace. 
He takes my hand, pulls me close and gently sings to me, 
Of how this dance of love with last through all eternity. 
Of how I am His holy, pure and beautiful creation, 
And once again He sings the song of divine invitation.

"Come dance with Me, My darling, Come dance with Me, My love, 
You are My bride, My chosen one, Come dance with Me above.
I've paid the price to have you, to hold you by My side, 
My joy, My one, My only, beloved, beautiful bride." 

~ By Cheryl Buchanan 


hellen said...

I love this poem! So beautiful and powerful! I've used it quite often with women who have difficulty seeing themselves as the LORD sees them because of past abuses!

Thanks for posting it!

lydia said...

Hi Helen! It's a great piece - it's for everyone, but I appreciate your heart to share it with abused woman, I can imagine it speaks powerfully to them!! Thanks for stopping by!!