Friday, September 25, 2009

Stubborn Childishness............

Being a mom sure is quite the wild adventure. Lately, I feel like a psycho path. Running around after kids that are fighting, screaming, crying, hungry but won't eat anything I offer, tired, don't want to go to school, can't find their favorite this or that, need help with homework but don't like how I help them, and the list goes on. I was actually laughing to myself today about all of this, just kind of reveling in how do I love my kids in the midst of all of this! Aah, despite it all, I still love them and will keep loving them even when all it seems like is that they are needy and ungrateful. 
So as I reflected on our life lately, I began to think about this dynamic between us and God. I had a recent conversation on facebook that someone seemed to completely ignore the finished work to focus on their sin. The problem is when we focus on sin, it's like saying to God, "I am not grateful for what you declared complete and finished."  Much like my kids who sometimes say, after I have toiled to fix dinner, "I hate this, I am not eating it!" 
You see when we say things like; " You can't just accept justifying grace and not sanctifying grace. After we are justified the Holy Spirit begins sanctifying us and uses many different means to make us aware of those sins that need to be put to death," we are not accepting the complete work that Christ accomplished on the cross! 
When we miss the completeness of what Jesus did we are acting just like kids who don't appreciate all that their parents do on their behalf. 

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