Saturday, October 31, 2009

True Reality..........

Thinking, thinking, thoughts, thoughts. It seems as though I am forever in contemplation of some such thing or another. Today, my mind is swirling about some things after having a conversation with a lovely old friend. I think perhaps the spirit within me is trying to bust out again in words.  Words that bring life. 
My friend's sister is suffering from severe pain due to a rare form of lymes disease. Her body is starting to turn on her. It's scary for all involved. She has three small children to boot. She can't sleep well due to the pain she endures, she cannot do simple daily tasks. My heart goes out to her, I simply can't imagine, nor would I want to. I encouraged my friend as best I knew how, by pointing her to Christ and what he accomplished for us all, namely her sister in this time. She felt refreshed, thankfully, and I pray they all rest in Him during this difficult season. 
After this conversation I began to think and ponder yet again what our TRUE reality is. It's like this, do we believe God's truth is ultimate truth? Or do we let what we see and feel in the here and now to dictate truth to us? What if we could live so focused, so in tune, so fixed on the finality of what the cross accomplished that we were never phased by our flesh and by earthly problems? I mean really - what if? Can you imagine how that would dampen the enemies plans? Can you imagine how we would rise above every occasion and live as though we really are seated in heavenly places? 
Then I thought of the verse that goes something like this, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble, we shall not fear for the earth may give way and the mountains crumble into the sea."  So I thought about that verse and thought about how it would be to live as though we are so fixed in Him, so trusting in Him that even when the mountains fall around us, we will not falter in our belief, we will "Be still and know that He is God.
So I thought of this dear woman as she must feel like her world is crashing around her and that at times must be ALL she can see ( much like my own situations this past week) and I realized how much we all need one another to walk alongside us and remind each other that we are in His safe and capable hands and to speak the truth that sets us free. We are indeed already provided for, already healed, already safe, already righteous, already alive in Him. We are so firmly fixed in the love of God, the vast wide all encompassing love and divine care and protection of our God. We truly can say, I shall not be moved. 
We, so need our brothers and sisters, to hold up our arms, much like Aaron and Hur did for Moses. I am so thankful for you all and for those who would point me to my true reality in Him. I want to be so fixed in that reality, so focused on the REAL TRUTH, that these earthly distractions fade into the distance and vanish from my mind. 
Now I must go and speak life and truth to my son, who is hating the pain he is still enduring. The remnants of the flu are attacking the muscles in his legs. I just heard him moan, "I hate this!"  
We just all need to be comforted time and time again - and HE is our comforter and will never leave us or give up on us, and constantly looks out for us. I just have to let that be my reality constantly!!! I am WHOLE in Him - I have no want or need. He is my all in all. 
Peace to all who may stop by today........................


Matthew Campbell said...

You have someone else's strength in you!! You are a warrior!

"We, so need our brothers and sisters, to hold up our arms, much like Aaron and Hur did for Moses."

I realized the other day that if you hold an arm up on either side of me, I'm in a cross shape. As long as Moses' arms stayed in the shape of a cross, the Israelites prevailed in the war.

Phil said...

Happy for you, Lydia, that you got that provision, and I hope your son's feeling better some now.

Howz y'all today?

lydia said...

MATTHEW!!!! I am a warrior, oh I am a warrior (love that song!!) I loved what you shared about arms up in a cross shape - how cool is that! A reminder of 'God is with us', that's what our brother's and sisters in Christ are to us. Peace my brutha!

lydia said...

Thanks Phil! Son #1 is better, Son#2 is down and out with the flu now - he has gotten through the worst part, the headaches and fever, so he should be on the mend. We are enjoying a lovely fall day, off from school, off from work, with the sun shining!!! And God's love is never ending - so we are happy!!! Peace to you.........!!!

Phil said...

Well, sorry 'bout #2, but glad he's through the worst.

As to the rest, sounds well cool :)

Bright, sunny day across the pond, too!

lydia said...

Haha, across the very great big pond 'eh.........I still have 2 more to go quite possibly, we shall see!!

Don said...

Understanding suffering is, itself, one of the most painful things we must deal with in life.

Why is there excruciating and prolonged pain? Why are some healed, and not others? Why do children have to suffer? Why does God not seem to care as much about excruciating pain, as we do?

I don't have answers for any of these things, but am learning to hide myself under the wings of God. One day, every tear will be wiped away, by God himself, who suffered most cruelly while in mortal flesh.

lydia said...

Don, always glad to have you stop by, I pray you and yours are doing well.
I agree understanding suffering hurts like hell. I have been wrestling with that one lately, not so much for myself and my circumstances, but more so when I see people suffering with serious ongoing physical ailments. I don't have answers as to the why's either, but like you know beyond a shadow of a doubt He is our comforter and we are safe in Him - !!! I still want to see more of Heaven on earth now though - even though I do take great comfort in knowing one day there will be no more suffering.
Peace to you and your precious family!!