Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bumps in the road...........

Or perhaps I should title this post growing pains, I am not quite sure. Lately, my youngest son has went from going to bed in a crib easily every night, to climbing out a million times and me putting him back a million times. So naturally I decided it was time to get rid of the crib and put him in a big boy bed (don't have one yet, so he is currently camping out on a sleeping bag). Now the night time routine has drastically changed. I now have to lay down with him every night until he falls asleep. At first this took quite some time. He would try to sneak out of his bed, or play with me, wiggle and squirm, touch my face and all kinds of monkey business. Now he is falling asleep quicker and quicker. However, that doesn't mean it's all peaches and cream, he also now wakes up in the middle of the night around 4 or 4:30 and wants to get up for the day. He NEVER used to do this. It has been such a drastic shift and very difficult for me as I am getting way less sleep these days. I do see a slow progress however and I know this too shall pass. I would give it a few more weeks max and he should be on a good solid normal routine again, just naturally. Oh and I forgot to mention he gave up his nap too. Big bummer for mom! 
So the point in me sharing all this, is it got me thinking about our grace walk. You see I think we all hit bumps in the road at times, or even perhaps our growing up shifts dramatically and initially it doesn't seem so great. The thing is growing is not always so flawless if you know what I mean. When we find ourselves frustrated in our growth, we need to step back and realize this is just a season that we may be walking through to get to the other side. To get to a new place of maturity in our lives. This may not look like much to others but it truly can be revolutionary in our own lives as we just live and breath day in and day out depending on His grace to work it's way in us. 
So as a mommy of four, I can rest knowing this season will pass, we will get through these crazy waking hours and less sleep for my two year and all his new freedom as well. I also know that it will bring about benefits that we did not reap from before. No nap time may be hard in some ways but it is also very freeing. We are not bound to the house for several hours in the afternoon every day anymore. 
As you walk each day depending on grace, just remember when you hit a bump in the road not to let it bog you down. It is natural to hit bumps. They are even necessary as we grow up into who we truly are. May you be blessed and encouraged as you press on daily to live fully dependent on Him who holds and keeps you. Peace!


Joel B. said...

The whole idea/understanding of "seasons" in my life has aided tremendously in my contentment in my grace walk. No need to fret or worry if things change, or it seems like there's a road block or whatever. It has always passed, and it always will, in the proper time! My mind doesn't like it when things don't happen in a straight line, so to speak. :) But I've learned that life doesn't happen that way, so over time I've learned, and am still learning every day, to trust Christ through it all. So very often, those twists and turns and stagnant times lead into something wonderful!

lydia said...

Well said Joelster! We really can live in a 'do not let your hearts be troubled' mentality and rest in the peace He has given us!!!

sparrow girl said...


This encouraged me! Hope you are getting more sleep lately!

lydia said...

Thanks Sparrow ~ it slowly gets better every day! ( I am suspecting it's partly due to the 2 new molars he is cutting!)

silent wings said...

Sweet Lydia,

Finally found my way to your new blog. :)

You sound so at rest in His love girl!!! His living grace is oozing out of you. xo

Thanks Lyd and Joel for your timely words of encouragement and wisdom. I long to walk confident through my present season. I pray that you truely can experience His carrying and keeping as you hit these "natural" bumps. You amaze me with your joy and strength. God is good. Love and hugs,