Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas blessings..............

As we headed into the Christmas season this year, I pondered on how I would be able to bless my kids at Christmas. Considering my circumstances of late, I simply wasn't sure how it would happen. A wonderful time to trust my Daddy would provide, and provide He did! 
God never ceases to wow me these days and prove himself to me. He loves to show me He loves me and my boys over and over. This Christmas He chose to melt my heart yet again. 
First off I must say, I had no money to buy anything for anyone this Christmas. Of course this saddened me greatly, but at the same time I was able to just be on the receiving end. A humbling yet very wonderful place to be. So a dear friend called me up one day and said she wanted the boys Christmas lists. She was going shopping for them for me as she knew  I couldn't afford Christmas. I was truly blessed by this! 
Then another friend asked the same thing and purchased something very special for each of the boys that was on their lists. I was so grateful as it is hard for a mother to not be able to bless her kids with gifts on Christmas. I felt His kindness pouring out on me for my kids! He is too good! 
And if that isn't enough, one day my neighbor, who I barely know let me know he was collecting Toys for Tots and that he wanted me to come by and go through the bins and pick out some things for the boys. I was floored! Wow! More blessings, as if the gifts my friends got weren't already enough. Isn't God cool like that?!! He is the God of MORE than enough. So I went over to pick up the toys one day and my neighbor wasn't there, I was afraid that the bins had already been picked up as it was 3 days until Christmas. So I began to write them off in my mind and told my mom and my friend I thought I had missed out on them. The next day, I saw my neighbor and I asked if it was too late. He said hold on and ran inside and came back out with a HUGE bag of toys that he had set aside for the boys. I was tickled! I thanked him profusely and I could see the joy all over his face. And guess what? This guy isn't even a believer. Jesus just loved on my boys through him. I find that so profoundly wonderful! 
Fast forward to the next day, as I was busy wrapping the gifts, I get a phone call from my mom. She wanted me to come over and pick something up. She said her friend's daughter had just dropped off 3 HUGE bins of stuff for us. I drove over and my jaw dropped to the floor as I saw the very large bins and the huge bag of clothes as well. My mom told me that she had told her girlfriend about my let down with the neighbors toys (which never actually happened after all), and she mentioned it to her daughters and her daughters decide to take matters into their own hands. I quickly loaded up the car and dashed home to  wrap the gifts before the boys came home from their dads. (by the way these are from people I have never actually met! just people with really big hearts - Jesus loved me real good through them!)
As I looked through the bins I just laughed my head off. How could I be so blessed?!! He really really loves me and looks out for me - in abundance!! My heart was so full!! Not only did Jesus wrap himself in flesh and come to earth and live to die for me, but he also cared enough to make my first Christmas as a single mom extra special! Like I said, He is MORE than enough!!
Honestly I am welling up with tears as I type this, reflecting on the miracle of this Christmas fills my heart so full I can't contain it. I must let it overflow and I pray that this testimony touches others hearts and blesses many. We are blessed because He loves to bless! No other reason - !! 


lydia said...
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Phil said...

:) Liking the look of that chocolate cake just below...

sparrow girl said...

We are blessed because He loves to bless! Yes! You got me teared up again reading this post! He is so know nowadays when I think of God the image in my heart is of Him smiling at me - what a blessing because I used to not always see Him that way...You are so right He is always in a good mood and never mad at us!

Love to you and the boys and I'm so glad you had such a special God-blessed Christmas!


lydia said...

Ha Phil!! It was all gone lickety split!

Sparrow ~ God is good all the time, all the time God is good!! He can't help but be happy!! Heehee!! I love it!! Peace to you!

The Lewis Family said...

Awesome! I totally thought you hadn't been posting (I must have been going to the old page) and I have been missing out on some good blogs! Sorry about that! I haven't been ignoring you!!

silent wings said...

Oh Lydia, this so blessed my heart to know and see just how God poured out His love on you and the boys this Christmas...reminding you of His faithfulness, strength and nearness. How can you not but grow in trust?! :)

lydia said...

Bec :D

Cirra, you are so right - how can I not but grow in trust - He is so kind like that, and I find more and more I can relax, it's so freeing!! He's the best!!!!