Monday, January 11, 2010

How do we please God??

By living a fruitful life and living in a way that we avoid sin and instead do righteous acts?? Or.............something else?? 

(I had this in draft mode from awhile back and thought what the heck I will go ahead and post it................)

I personally think God is already pleased with His Son Jesus and His final performance at the Cross. When we receive what Christ accomplished for us there at that hill on that tree, and accept His redemptive work, freely truly - then He is pleased. Delighted actually. And this is an ongoing thing, not a once we 'get' saved momentary happening. NO, it's a daily receiving and believing that we have died and now belong to another. We now surrender and let Christ have his way in us. I think that pleases God. Not my efforts or your efforts, or my attempts at 'righteous' acts nor yours. You see I can't live the life that would please God. Only Jesus can in and through me. Christians need to stop making it all about themselves and what they can do to 'please' God. Cause don't they know only one could??!!! Do we think that now that we got the 'ticket' of salvation that we now need to prove ourselves and somehow please God by our behavior or efforts? No, we are now free in Him to live and we can choose to let the Spirit work in and through us. Not by mustering up our best tries to get this christian life all right, and keeping our act 'clean'. But by resting in Christ's finished work and allowing Him to be the author and perfector of our faith. I would much rather have Christ's works flowing out of me, than my own. (cause all our efforts to please God are like filthy rags, remember that's what the Bible says.) So why on earth do we keep insisting that we 'need' to please God in everything we do, in the way that we are living in fear that somehow we will mess up and not please Him and then what, will he be upset with us. Does it mean we don't love Him when we aren't making the best choices? 

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