Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What if God was one of us?

Hm. What. If. God. Was. One. Of. Us.
I just finished watching a lovely movie. Jamie insisted. "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman."  I had never heard of it, until she mentioned it. She proceeded to share how it was a must see and that it was a story that depicted grace. Trusting that my good friend wouldn't steer me wrong on this, I rushed out to get it at the movie store to watch this evening. 
Let me tell you, she was right. I won't give away the movie, in case there are others out there like me who have not yet seen it. BUT, BOY!!! What a picture of grace indeed! From broken, to restored. From a controlling abusive first husband, to an accepting loving (patient, gentle, compassionate, kind, peace filled) husband. Sound like a familiar story yet? (think Rom. 7, law into grace.)
What struck me though was the song that came on at one point and I recognized it, but this time I really listened to these profound words, What if God was one of us? And do you know what, what if God was made into the likeness of human flesh? What if he came and lived like we do not equal to God, but just a mere human? What if he then was able to live through you and me? What if? What if He was in people all over the globe, alive in them? What do you think He could do in and through any one of us? Hmmm.............................................................


Jamie said...

I hate to say "I told you so" but, yeah... :D

How about that church service? OH MY!

Now you know why Madea is my hero. NOBODY messes with Madea!

lydia said...

You did tell me!!! Ha! My favorite part was when she and Orlando were falling in love and she writes in her diary, 'even though we really wanted to make love, he gave me something better instead, he gave me intimacy' ...............That's it! That is the dealio! Loved it!!!

Jamie said...

I knoooooow. *sigh*

The Lewis Family said...

Well, now I am going to have to go out and find it you funny folk. . . Much love to you guys eh!

lydia said...

You will love it!!!

The Lewis Family said...

Okay, guys, confession time. I watched the movie. I looked for it at Blockbuster to no avail and then, the other day I walk in to our local gas station and it just so happened to be one of maybe 30 dvds on the wall there. So, of course I rent it. What a bizarre movie!!! I loved the grandma and the old guy with gas. She was my favourite.

However, I wasn't able to identify with the main lady (forget names already) so much. I have to say I was very cynical of Orlando. This handsome genuine seeming guy. He seemed in it more for himself if you ask me.

ok ok ok, I know, but this guy appeared too good to be true. He was BORING. ha ha ha I am so awful. Anyway, at the end, after many twists and turns I felt so confused. I mean you could see the guy as mr.law, but mr.law never repents in reality. This guy's mind changed. He was no longer Mr. Law. And she continues with the divorce (the legal form part of it) so as to make evident where her heart was: divorced.

It's just that my perception of my 'Papa' is one of a lover that loves inspite of constant 'unfaithfulness'. I am in no way saying that people 'should try to be Christlike and try to love in the face of adversity and all that. That is all works and effort and no rest of course. We all know that :) It just made me sad at the end to see her go off with this new love who she was totally consumed with at the time who she'd known for such a short time. She had been through so much with her first husband and it wasn't like there couldn't be true love again. There is always hope :).

I don't know. I had to examine why that movie ending bothered me - to make sure my reaction wasn't just ingrained programmed shoulds etc.

It's just that, if I were 'mr. law' who had seen the light, so to speak, and let go of all the nonsense and then the one who I had treated so badly received me and forgave me and loved me. . . Not because I deserved it, that's for sure.

But old black lady was the best. Oozing with character she was - ha ha!