Thursday, April 8, 2010

What freedom means to me.........

I am a bit confused as to why people get so offended by freedom. I must say, it's a puzzling thing for me, being that I have never felt happier in my life since I found out that it was for freedom that Jesus set me free. To me, that is the biggest breath of fresh air ever taken in, or the deepest sigh of relief, one that is completely satisfying so much so you just flop backwards with no fear and feel at deep peace inside. 
Here's what I think, if you are offended by freedom, then you are not free. Yep, that's right and I bet I just offended you. Oh well. Not my intent. I think it's offensive that people would much rather not take Jesus at His word and take His gift of freedom and embrace it wholeheartedly. I mean why would you want to cling to the yoke of slavery that once bound you, or better yet still does. Is is safer to you? 
Why is freedom just so dang scary for people? I mean are they so holy in and of themselves that they can keep/maintain themselves better than Christ can? For real people! I mean what did Jesus die for anyway? Okay, sorry enough of my intense passionate ranting.......
The thing is, I find living in freedom much more pleasant, satifying, and radically safe than I ever have felt my entire life. Why is that? Because for once, I am not measuring myself, I am not trying for approval of anyone, and I am not worried about failing. Why is that do you ask? Because Jesus has dealt with all of those things that were stacked up against me, that caused me to feel bound. Yup, he dealt with it all! He then proceeded to show me, by His amazing love and work on the cross that He loves me fully and accepts me completely - NO MATTER WHAT! He measured up on my behalf and keeps me safe in Him! I died right alongside him and was raised up into newness of life in Him, and all that He is, I now am! How incredibly amazing is that!?!
So does knowing this, living in this love and reveling in this truth, make my freedom a scary thing? Not at all. Here's why, my identity is sealed, my union with Him is so powerful that I don't want to use my freedom to do things that my new nature doesn't even want to do to begin with. Hello!! Embracing freedom shouldn't come with warnings or qualifiers every time you speak up about it. Shoot! It should be celebrated, why - Because His life in you is a powerful force to be reckoned with - it's His life in you both to will and to do! How much safer in every sense of the word can a free child of God be? And how much can we trust Him - just a good measure but then we have to add caution- NO! 
Freedom in Christ is freedom to live in Him, no longer under the constraints of a tutor that could do nothing to help you, nor could it change you. Any amount of Law in your life will not make you holy, nor will it keep you safe. No, no, no, no. It will make you a co-depndent son not aware of your new abilities to fly and to soar. The law will never, ever, ever bring you one good benefit all the days of your life, until it has brought you to Jesus and then you are done with that blasted old ministry of death - Hallelujah! 
Safe sons live free! They revel! They fly! They soar! All while the sons who never seem to move beyond the fear of too much freedom, sit and watch them shackled with fear that it will carry them away just a bit too much and cause them to go out and sin out the house(don't you know that you have died to sin anyways!!!) like that, with two feet on the ground, that doesn't sound much fun to me. If it was for freedom Jesus set us free, don't you think we should believe Him and live in the freedom He paid such a dear price for?!!! 

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sparrow girl said...

Wow! I love it! Love every single word and I feel the very same way! When I found out I was free from all the law's "shoulds", I felt so great! I am with you - I can't understand why people wouldn't like that, or why they would want to qualify it with cautions and warnings. Thank You, Jesus, we are free indeed!

Love you, Lydia!