Saturday, July 31, 2010

One minute it enough?

Okay, I like this, I really do!! Although I have one or two little beefs as listening to her rap got me thinking. Namely because I guess this was directed at people who don't know God and aren't living in what the cross provided. So here goes. we actually give our lives to God, don't we just accept the Life - He has purchase for us? And we all stand forgiven whether we ask for it or not, we just may not live in the benefit of knowing it.
 I don't mean to get into semantics here, but I really do see it as an important distinction to make.  So many people publicly preach or share that we need to give our lives to God - but why would we want to? No, we need to hear that what He did was for free and for love and then we will want to accept the gift of salvation as our very own!! Otherwise, we get it mixed up and live this 'christian' life as if we have to do something for God when really it's ~ He did everything for us! It is finished!! 
I guess I'm not so much into pointing out what is wrong with people, but what can be right for them should they see Jesus in all His beauty. Knowing who Christ is, Love personified, to me that is the message that should be shared. Her rap was impressive and ultimately she is pointing to a better life choice, but I don't know I just wonder how many people saw God's love for them in that rap. I am not nitpicking her in particular, but this is what I see from many public 'pulpits' if you will. These calls to give up your life and give it to God kind of mentality. How is that supposed to work really? 
I never really wanted to hear more about what I shouldn't do and what I should be doing instead. No, all I wanted to know in this life was that I was loved despite myself. Accepted for who I am whether or not I made all the best choices or not and that that acceptance and love would never fail or be taken away based on my performance in life! But hey that's just me..............and I am thinking most people want to be loved into a relationship, not pushed into one cause they aren't living a life worth living!!


Anonymous said...

ehem...amen! i do agree. god IS love. GOD is love. god is LOVE!!!

and love is love...not tollerance.
love is soooooooo much LOVE!
love is really good! think of the kindest person you know- he is loving kindness Himself!!! good news makes you happy:)

Phil said...
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