Tuesday, September 25, 2007

...a chapter complete!!

God took an oath with Noah never again to flood the earth, he made a promise and gave him a rainbow as a sign of that promise! -so whenever I see a rainbow I think of God's faithfulness!!
The day I observed this particular rainbow was the day the folks (who just bought(might I add officially) our house in Corning) walked through for the second time. Now, at the time, we already had an offer on the house(which we had been trying to sell since spirng of '06), a very weak offer I might add. I happened to be there when they walked through the house and was able to answer their many questions, and found out they too were originally from outside of the Philadelphia area! I thought to myself these guys are gonna end up buying the house.
So right after they left, a fast, and furious intense thunder storm passed through, ever so briefly. And right across, from our house in the huge open horse pasture with nothing but grass, (and horses, of course) and sky was a complete 180 degree rainbow, with every color as bold and bright as could be, and right beside it another partial rainbow. Breathtaking!! (I only wish I got a better photo!) I sensed it was an encouragement from God that this couple would buy the house, offering us a better price than the current offer and a quicker settlement date.
Sure enough, that couple just officially settled the purchase of our home this very afternoon!! What a huge answer to prayer- what a journey of faith and trust in the One who does awesome things! Thank you God, for your kindness, favor, and faithfulness to us - we are so grateful, and so relieved!!!
Thanks to all who prayed, please rejoice with us as we begin a new chapter in our lives!!


Bryan said...

Congratulations Keith and Lydia!!! that is very exciting news. I am sure that it is good to be settling in after a long period of being up in the air. Thanks for the testimony of God's faithfulness and loving communication with his children.

lydia said...

Thanks Bryan, God has done exceedingly abundantly more than we could ask or imagine for!!

Don said...

That's wonderful, Lydia. It's also interesting how God seems to be moving so many of his children to new places these days (my family included, not long ago - hence my identification with your delight!). I think there's a big realignment under way. What do you think?

lydia said...

It's interesting that you say that, I seem to currently know several people that God's realigning - can you say world wide revival, not sure!!