Saturday, September 29, 2007

kids are natural lovers of life!!

I just love watching my kids play!! Especially when given freedom and space to do it!! My boys think the world is their playground, and, well it is. I love seeing them discover new things, and being with them when they experience them! Each individual child is so precious and unique, and adds a different zest and spice to our family! I love hearing them verbalize their thoughts and what captivates their minds- gosh, it's makes me wish I could be a kid again! Well, in a sense lately I do feel like a kid again, because I am experiencing fresh revelation of how I am God's precious daughter! I imagine he looks at me with eyes of love and adoration! Not because I ever did one thing to be lovable, just because I am his child! What a comfort to know I am loved with a Heavenly Love, a love that never fails, or ends, or changes because of anything I do! No, I stand secure in the love of  myFather!  So, as I gaze upon the curious and anticipant eyes of my children in moments like this, I think to myself, God you must really love me, cause the love that wells up in me when I see my kids enjoying life is intense, I just want squish 'em up, kiss 'em and love them, and do all I can to care for them!! I guess we can never underestimate the power of Love!

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