Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Colour Inside ...

I just love this poem, it so captures what I have felt for years, until now, I have begun to see and experience the color inside me, because I have fallen in love with Jesus -!! I don't think I could truly say that until recently after years of being a Christian.

Colour Inside ...
"There is so much colour inside you and me,
I wonder why we keep it in.
Isn't this grey world dying for lack of it,
like a deprived desert cracking in pain.
Why do we cringe in the corridors of conformity,
like timid little souls?

'What will people think of us?' are the shackles that bind us.
As we carry our weighted chains with earnest
but fading strength along the dismal pathways we tread.

Routine is the rut that fear demands we tread,
while freedom beckons like a lover.
But like slaves to pretence, we say 'We're doing fine'.

Tradition keeps us toeing the line, and then - 
I see the Carpenter dancing on the water. Then -
I see the Carpenter turning water into wine - 
Colours flashing in His Presence, chains snapping
In His Presence.

There is so much colour inside you and me.
I wonder why we keep it in.

Rob Rufus.

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Steve LaBs said...


Got your message. I upload my videos to I think you can upload them from blogger, but I havent tried it yet. Once you sign up to youtube, the uploading is pretty easy, they walk you right through it. Then after you do, Youtube gives you a link to "embed" into your blog.
Just paste that into a post and you are good to go!

I take all those movies with my digital camera, its easier to manage. Let me know if you run into problems!

- Steve